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  1. Hey thanks everyone for the welcome. I love driving my car because it's pretty underated here, people expect me to be a push over and the v8 owners think they rule it all... full custom job- There a couple of skylines around but people pay incredible amounts of money for them (around 30,000-80,000 in aus money). Here we only have two RI's (motorex and rbmotoring). Since these two are the only ones it's pretty much a monopoly and they can charge whatever they want. Big Rizza- I would gladly make a trade POOMBAH- I live Torrance, which is pretty close to Pasadena.
  2. It's just such a habbit to forget the 2 because I never played the first one. True about the endings and everything, I only got a few of them...
  3. I think maybe it's just that your car is still cold. It's bad to go fast or anything if the car is not warmed up anyways, so just take it easy.
  4. Ahhh I can't believe no one said Star Ocean! But yeah, everything else was pretty much covered: Final Fantasy 7-9 Resident Evil 2 and 3 GT 2 Megaman (rockman) X4-6
  5. Hello everyone, I've looked around these boards for quite a while looking up info on the Skyline I probably won't get to own for a long time (I live in California, which has the most restricted importing laws for the skyline anywhere) but decided to join anyways... I own a Z32TT and a Hachi roku (or corolla gt-s here) My bro and I: Anyways I'm happy to be a member here
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