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  1. Update on this for anyone interested. I've owned the car a few years now and still no resolution to this issue. Within a few minutes of switching the car on I get zero power steering, followed a few minutes later by the HICAS light coming on. I know the HICAS is all working (passes all diagnostics) so this continues to be a mystery of the Universe, right up there with Dark Energy and Dark Matter. I'm calling this Dark Power Steering Failure.
  2. In your third picture (menu items for the top button) you have: Engine Start (エンジンスタート) Engine Stop (エンジン停止) Check the Current Status
  3. Hi. I've got the same system on my R34. Have you had any luck getting hold of the manual? I have a Japanese friend I can ask for the translations. I'll start with the images you sent. Glenn
  4. Only one I can get hold of is 28505 04U50. Will have to try that.
  5. An update on this. Main North Nissan sent the car to Clisby who took the HICAS ECU apart and cleaned it up a bit, but still faulty. I'd like to track down another ECU but the ones on ebay have quite different part numbers. My has part number 28505 12U00 and serial 4623. I can't find anything like this. Would a ECU with number 28505 04U00 work? Does anyone know how to interpret these part numbers? Was my 1994 unique in having this HICAS ECU part number?
  6. By "proper scan tool" you mean something that any Nissan workshop would have or are these some more specialised? Anyone in Adelaide want to recommend the best mechanic/workshop or Nissan service centre to work on this problem? I've had other work done at Main North Nissan, but they don't seem that good e.g. didn't know how to adjust the air/fuel mixture on a Datsun 280ZX!
  7. Hi. Car had a aftermarket steering wheel, but I swapped it for a stock one. The problem remained. Just tried several times to invoke HICAS diagnostics mode but it just won't play ball. I guess this might indicate a faulty HICAS computer as mentioned in above posts?
  8. speedo works fine. Will try the HICAS debug mode and report back. Thanks.
  9. <p>Hi,</p> <p>My 1994 R32 GT-R has two possibly related problems. After driving for about five minutes the power steering basically shuts down and the steering is heavy as if it has no assistance, at about the same time the HICAS light comes on.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>The power steering fluid level is normal as is the reservoir in the boot. My mechanic says the power steering pump is not showing any obvious signs of problems and the car is genuine low mileage and generally mechanically excellent.</p> <p> </p> <p>Any suggestions, before I take this to Nissan?</p> <p> </p> <p>Note that the steering returns to normal when you switch the car off and start again though I have not worked out how long it takes to "reset".</p>
  10. Make:Nissan Model:R32 Skyline GT-R V-Spec N1 Milage:76000 Transmission:5-Speed Colour:Crystal White Location:Adelaide Complied?Yes RWC supplied?N/A Currently registered?Yes Price:29000 Contact:glenndrayton @ Comments / Modifications:See and Images:See
  11. Ok, so what is the next steps? I'd like to see the register as a section of SAU. It would have the following: List of eligible rare Skyline models including history and technical specs on each Register section where owners submit details of their cars Search capability So who wants to take the lead on getting this set up? I am happy to coordinate the information gathering, but I have no idea on how to get the SAU side of things set up. Glenn.
  12. Dear SAU members. I am interested in setting seeing/contributing to an on-line registry of rare Skylines in Australia and potentially o/seas, similar to other on-line registries of rare models, and am keen to see how much interest there is with members here, and also if it is possible to make this part of the SAU site itself. For example, there were 228 R32 N1 cars built. I know of one in Australia (mine), and I am aware that someone was trying to pass off a normal GTR as an N1 car on recently. In this case it would help potential buyers to see a registry of these cars e.g specifications built numbers VIN numbers of "registered" cars pictures of cars history for each car info on who owns them (subject to how willing the owners are to share than info) Potential models included in the "Rare Skyline Registry" would be: R31 GTS-R R32 N1 R32 Nismo R34 Nur I am sure there are some other rare models e.g. wasn't there are rare R33 with higher displacement?
  13. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  14. I want to put a v.spec logo on the back of my '93 R32 v.spec. My understanding is that only the '94 v.spec II R32 had a v.spec badge (sticker in fact), but mine is a v.spec I. So I guess I have two questions: 1. Did the v.spec R32 have a badge/sticker/logo on the back or anywhere to identify it as v.spec? 2. Does anyone have either a good close up photo of the v.spec (or v.spec II) badge/logo from an R32 GT-R? Also the exact dimensions, size of letters would be great. Or even better if there was an original v.spec logo, can it be bought aftermarket or from Nissan? Also, my car is an N1... so same questions above for N1.. where there any identifying logos/stickers, etc?