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  1. Try using Final Cut Pro on a PC. Macs can do pretty much anything that a PC can... and the shareware software is usually of a higher standard, thanks to extreme nutter computer nerds loving Macs. Games? I have an xbox for that.
  2. Yup, you were spot on. Weeeeeell, I'm not really doing it for the possible profit when I get back to Aus - more just the opportunity to have a car in Japan, plus the extra bonuses that the personal import allows. Thanks for the input, I'd not even thought about half that list.
  3. Thanks for the replies - got a response back regarding the 12 months/holidays stuff: And as much as I'd love an FD, everyone keeps warning me that I won't fit in one. I"m 6'3" and 105kg... will have to find one at a dealer and shoehorn myself into it, I guess.
  4. I did search down the page - quite a bit - which is why I had only two questions.
  5. hi guys, haven't been on here for a while, mostly because I moved to Japan 6 months ago and have been busy as hell. Anyway, I'm starting to get jack of not having a car - I can deal with public transport, but the lack of ability to roar off into the mountains is making me desperately unhappy. I'm staying in Japanland until August 2009, so whatever I buy will definitely be with me for 12 months, and I'll bring it back to Aus with me. I'm looking at around the $10AUD/1mil¥ mark, which won't exactly get me anything too exotic or rare, but I'm hoping to get something decent. I'm not doing it for financial gain, purely for personal enjoyment and the ability to get around this damn place without trains or old men breathing on me. Questions: - I obviously have to reside here for 12 months, but has anyone heard anything about not being able to leave Japan at this time, even for a short holiday? I've emailed DOTARS about this but haven't gotten a reply. - No model really springs to mind that isn't listed in SEVS already. Any suggestions on types to look at? RX7 FD3S spring to mind, but are there any hidden non-SEVS gems that I should consider? I'm even considering a 34 or an S14 S2...
  6. Hi there, I'm after a stock airflow meter for a series 1 R33 - must be in working order, as it's to see if my current AFM has bitten the dust. Please send me a PM, cheers, Sciby.
  7. No idea, but I'm having exactly the same problem. I've cleaned out my AAC value, problem still exists. I'm going to try reseting my ECU tonight, but unsure if that will help. I've got an aftermarket BOV, but it's been fine for ages with that installed... will let you know what happens.
  8. Well, I suppose I've got nothing to lose, it doesn't work already. I'll try it, but if someone still has one to sell, please PM me anyway.
  9. Hi guys, This is a bit of a strange item, but it looks mine is dead. I'm after the small black box that's found under the trim on the driver's side door in series 1 R33's. In series 2, they combine that box with the button panel, something which I learnt the hard way. This box controls the auto-winding function of the driver's side window. The location is just under the arm rest, in the middle of the door, about 12cm long, 6x4cm If you have one for sale, please PM me. I'd like to be able to operate my window before summer fully hits. cheers Sciby.
  10. Is this a series 1 or 2? I'm after a window autowinder control box from the driver's side door, but has to be from a series 1 (they combine that box and the button panel in series 2). Lemme know if we're on a winner here.
  11. http://www.rycofilters.com.au/index.php?pa...;vModel=Skyline
  12. Hi guys, I'm after the following for a series 1 R33, all in perfect working order of course, I don't want old junk that people are just wanting to get rid of: - A powersteering pump, looking to pay around the $50 mark. A full system, inc good, non-leaking hosing and res would be even better, and will pay accordingly. - A auto window winder module from the drivers side door, looking to pay around the $50-60 mark. - A drivers side door panel, just the bit with the buttons, not the entire door trim. I'd prefer this to be in perfect condition, or as close as possible, as I've got my original and another one already... the original is peeling some liner, and the second one has broken latches. Again, around the $50 mark, but obviously will pay more dependant on condition. If you have any of these items for sale, please send me a PM and I'll get back to you. cheers Sciby.
  13. Purchased, thanks to those who PM'd me.
  14. As the topic says, WTB - R33 drivers side window motor/regulator - my original has burnt out, with the window stuck in the down position... makes it very hard to get things moving again. Fairly urgent, PM me with a price, etc. Many thanks.
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