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  1. It's best to not remember the days before the stroker went in. You'll realize what you thought was fast.....simply wasn't.
  2. The big question, did you rub the texta off the plastic bag? Lol!!
  3. This will be the first Texi, EVER that I will miss. I'm happy to say I've never missed one up till this point
  4. With any question there's going to be conflicting info from those that have heard stuff off mates or just take a guess. I've done it on my own 32. Over 400rwkw through those size front pipes and an off the shelf xforce cat back which I can tell you now is less than 3.5". Save your money and spend it somewhere else on the car, those front pipes you're talking about will do the job. Plus if they're Nismo the quality will be awesome like all Nismo parts. Personally I'd be buying those front pipes wherever youve seen them and then a set of R34GTR (or HKS which come up from time to time) dump pipes with the money saved from not going custom/overkill.
  5. The link I have is in Spanish and quite jumpy. Terrible. Anyone got a good one?
  6. Pipes of those sizes have got past 400rwkw before so won't be an issue for the numbers you're talking about
  7. IM240 pass is required for engineering certificates. Totally free. Had one done last week.
  8. If you dont have a tyre pressure gauge go out the doors to the servo on the highway and use theirs - as long as you have the stamp on your hand/wristband they'll let you back in
  9. Emissions test is free. Locking the ECU is free. Engineering report including all the mods to the car (increased wheel size, change of turbo, larger FMIC etc) will set someone back about $1200 from a certain Sydney workshop.
  10. Which state are you in? Yeah it's fairly simple. Too bad there's so many tightasses buying Skylines thesedays who dont think engineering is money well spent. An engineering report here for example is generally about the same cost as a Garrett turbo and includes all mods to the car inc emissions and aftermarket ECU's.
  11. Aftermarket ECU's can be engineered in NSW (at least, dont know for other states) provided the engineer is approved to certify ECU changes - which most are not.
  12. Fail. Please read the guidelines for this section and try again
  13. Like any part, you only hear about the ones with problems. Never the ones that are working without fault. I'm sure the issues with his are a batch issue, they should be under warranty also. Anyway, a zeitronix and a quality ECU has the ethanol availability sorted, the days of carrying jerry cans around are gone-which is awesome
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