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    Moving To Melbourne

    haha.. I sort of agree with you, been living here my whole life,with this recent cold whether and me waking up in the middle of the night with near hypothermia I'm beginning to wonder why I just don't move up to sunny queensland or WA. Melbourne is not that bad. In fact it's my favourite city, but in winter it really sucks balls. You'll love it when the warmer weather rolls through.

    Ozrevs Cruises

    I've been to a couple, the first one I went too the cops showed up and I think they defected a few people, this time around the organisers spoke to the cops and they let us be. I've personally had no trouble from TMU etc. Of course you're always going to have one d!ckhead who will do burnouts etc and wreck it for everyone. But most of the people are well behaved. It's about 90% commodores because most of what was left of commodore club joined up and/or started ausrevs. There was a nice little group of skylines there on sat night, so definatley come to the next one! www.ausrevs.com

    Ozrevs Cruises

    I was at that cruise, and from the time I was there everyone seemed well behaved. Probably because there was a cop car at the meet point just keeping an eye on everyone.
  4. Hi can I please have my name changed from FEMFTL to RCEGRL (my current plates) .. thanks heaps!
  5. haha you sound just like that chick off the TXU ad.

    Scenic Drives

    down healesville way / yarra valley all that wine country... the roads are usually long sweepy twisties or straights... but there is some nice scenery.
  7. That's what ive got the new G5. So far so good... my old mac crashed all the time on me.. I've lost many hours of work cause of it... now i've learnt to save work every 5 mins just in case.
  8. haha as do I. Boss just got it for me last week.. pretty sweet.
  9. I get it heaps... perhaps i'm asking for it with the RCEGRL plates.. when I had the little crappy pulsar people used to just laugh etc.. it was ok. Now with the 32, I cop everything. Old guys tailgating me, young guys sitting right beside my window yelling out stuff, people trying to race, etc etc.. I've had a few bad situations where they could've made me have a accident etc. And its mainly middle age guys who have caused it. Then there are the other type of people who just give me a thumbs up or something for driving a nice car..
  10. Currently a graphic artist at a small design / printing company. 6 days a week for a shit wage.. I'm thinking of joining the RAAF to become a aircraft technician.. I need a change of pace. I'm sick of sitting in front of a computer all day.
  11. sounds a bit dodgy... all the mismatching things... paint, rims, missing stereo etc etc.. just sounds to me like he was going to use it for drift etc.. How many have you actually looked at before this one? Just be patient, it took me a while to find my 32, I had to go through many duds and the one I had my heart set on was asking too much.. but in the end the waiting payed off and the one I bought is perfect and had everything I wanted for the right price. Just go with your gut feeling, if you think there is something slightly dodgy about the car, then there probably is..
  12. Yeah I saw that... nice, good to see the next generation is brought up well... and then they'll have a winge when their daughter gets raped.
  13. even so, just be careful, this guy sounds ultra dodgy... you should be able to drive the car for starters, unless your not on your P's etc.. cd player and speakers arn't a big deal, did you ask him why they arn't there though? And shouldn't dealer cars come with some sort of warranty included.? even if it's just the very very basic one.. go to www.racv.com.au and look at the buying a car section.. there are some tips that came in handy when I bought my skyline..
  14. He does. And can do them on site..
  15. He will travel anywhere in Melb, free onsite installation. Probably best to call him. I'm not sure what he charges for alarms, but he is reasonably priced. His name is doug, tell him Kat (his sister) referred you from skylines Australia
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