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  1. In America, maybe. In Australia, RE market is going strong. It also depends where you buy. Like I said, I bought mine for just under $300 K in 2008 and now the same houses in my area are going for $420-450 K. Thats almost making an easy $150 K in just over 2 years just holding the property. I have mates who are still waiting for the property prices to come down, or to find "that special bargain"... they will be waiting till cows come home. I would love to buy a second property soon.
  2. Nothing worse for a man than getting engaged or worse still married... if you have kids too then forget about ever having money to burn. So keep your car and tell your GF to shuv it. Also tell your parents to not give you financial advice unles they want you to invest in something solid like real estate etc.
  3. I think if I didnt buy my house back in 2008, i could easily pay down cash for a nicer R34 GTR, then again I bought my place for $300K, its probably now worth around $420-450K. Then I couldnt actually buy my place right now if I tried to cos since GFC they tightened up the lending criteria.
  4. Either the guy is a real tool or a troll. Bet he used to steals his parents' car keys when he was 14.
  5. I take it people with more than one car have already bought their own house etc?
  6. Thanks Terry, will use this next time Im looking for my new car.
  7. From what I understand, the more you tend to use something, the quicker it will wear out or break. Don't tell me you would rather buy an R34 GTR (same condition) with 120,000 KMs over one with 60,000 KMs. There is a guy selling an auto s15 with about 270,000 KMs and he wants 13 grand for it. The guy is dreaming because no one in their right mind will pay more than 5 K for it. Actually I don't think anyone will buy it.
  8. ABS has saved me loads of times on the street esp in the wet. Really good safety feature when breaking as they dont lock up your brakes which can make your car skid out of control and crash. Instead of locking up they gradually grab and release the disc brakes.
  9. I nearly bought a R34 GTT today, been really keen on it since last Friday when I test drove it but something changed my mind, its almost I had an epiphany right before writing a cheque for $14,000. The car is nice and well looked after but one thing that was bugging me about it was that it had nearly 120,000 KMs on the odometer. So in essence, this car could really have done as much as 170,000 KMs or perhaps more. I mean I have a daily car already which I will be driving most of the time and the Skyline will be just for the weekend but even then, if I only put 50,000 KMs within 7=10 year time on the Skyline by then the car will have nearly 200,000 KMs on the clock and will be almost impossible to sell not to mention things going wrong like the engine rebuild and the tranny. This didn't really hit me until the last second. I was in the bank queue to write out the cheque when the lady asked for the name of the company or the person to who the cheque should be addressed to... I didn't know the guy's full name and that's when I finally decided not to go ahead. I also want to move houses and move closer to the city by mid 2011 which may mean selling my current house and adding some more money on top to purchase a townhouse or a villa unit in the inner city area... with the money left over I then can go out and buy a second car, an R34 GTT with hopefully less than 70,000 on the odometer if not less. So I will just keep saving until mid year, see what property I can buy after selling my house and then hopefully buying a nice R34 GTT with relatively small number of Ks on the clock. Its funny cos back in 2006 when I bought my first 1996 R33 Series 2 GTST coupe with 28,000 KMs on the clock from SSV, I nearly bought a really dodgy R33 from a car yard in Dandenong also starting with S... prior to looking at this one. That R33 only had like 3000 KMs on the odometer which was real strange plus the car was leaking oil and had a shit loads of other problem. So I feel really good relieved that I didnt buy that R34 GTT today... probably nothing wrong with it but 120,000 KMs on the odometer is a good indicator that this car may need some TLC very soon. Anyone had similar experiences?
  10. I had that zorst on my old R33 and it was too loud. My GF at the time used to wear ear plugs, I then too noticed that it was no longer enjoyable to drive the car. Sure the power increased dramatically but the noise just made the drive really loud. I ended up selling it for 600 bucks 6 months later and went with my stock zorst.
  11. We all speed every now and then, some just use common sense when not to speed (ie when you have shit all demerit points left). Having license is not a right, it's a privilege.
  12. Yup I sat in the r34 with the sunroof and it literally cuts the headroom by 10-15 cms... Im going without the sunroof.
  13. Hi all, Would it be OK to fill up the R34 GTT with 91 RON petrol and then treat it with Nylon Pro octane booster? From the reviews Ive read, Nylon Pro is the bets one out there and raises the octane rating past 98 PULP. Its just I can get access to 91 petrol but not 98... atm.
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