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  1. So basically still won't be running by wtac this year....
  2. Cheers mate. I checked end of last month and nothing. Looks like a totally different design. I'll be grabbing a set
  3. Battery will be dead and warranty over by the time you get the car back......
  4. Fark I've been away for 12 days and still no results. I'm in Sydney today, was hoping for a lift to the airport you prick [emoji23]
  5. This thread keeps filling up my email inbox. Have to unsubscribe bcos I can't take another 2 years before its on the road [emoji23]
  6. I have been looking at radicals ect for a while now. Seems to me that it just makes sense for a track day car. Taking my 32 GTR out for track days is great but the constant worry of killing the motor is just stressful. Video above looks great, the speeds are insane. What happened at the end of the video? Did you back off or no power?
  7. Don't think they are shutting down because my friend took out a new policy with them on Friday for his 34.
  8. Cracked ringland on the 6th for sure. Exactly the same problem I had with mine. Unfortunately is engine out and rebuild time
  9. This car also runs a efr on rb28. Will be at wtac this year. http://speednation.com.au/wtac-240z/
  10. Bit of a thread dig but didn't anyone happen to fix this problem? my car originally had error code 16 (lateral G sensor) I replaced it with a working one and no more fault code lights but the 4wd light still stays on. I also tried another attessa computer but it's the same. The 4wd relay in the boot keeps clicking and won't prime the pump. I pulled the relay apart and gave the contacts a sand to clean them but it still won't stay connected. This fault is doing my head in
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