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  1. after wind visor thingy and afm for r33 if u have
  2. hey dan i sms'd you, will take them mate PM sent
  3. pm sent. please give me your number
  4. do i get faster replies via forums? lol sent u anothre text
  5. price for invo and nt05 in 245/45 255/? amd 265/35 18inch please
  6. gearknobs dont suit nissan thread sorry guys, maybe a suzuki or something :S Power fc sold
  7. well my GTR has mod plate and also been engineered (evident from sticker in engine bay) but did not have the report to come with the sale. is there a way to obtain another copy of the report? ie from RTA as they take a copy when car gets engineered? or can i at least tell cops that the vehicle is engineered in 2 states but did not have the papers as they were not provided to me? any help appreciated
  8. last one doesnt look too bad, reminds of the Bee R one minus the price tag i guess
  9. hey guys sorry for delays ive been reli busy these last few weeks with work. will update with photos and more infor this weekend. Apexi RSM with loom $150
  10. Please pm me ur number I'll call u this arvo will prob buy them. Hav some parts u might like too
  11. 4x 235 45 17 4x 265 35 18 on r888 and rt615 and ku36's cheers looking to buy this week the 2 sets
  12. ive got a truck turbo exhaust housing but am in sydney...
  13. ..can I use: 1-motul gear 300 for the gearbox? 2- castrol syntrax in the diffs? 3- synthetic ATF for transfer case? Asking cos I have 2bottles each of motul gear 300 and syntrax but from the look of things I should run te syntrax in the box and put the motul in the diffs. Transfercase runs ATF?
  14. I sms'd you at like midnight last night (sorry was so late, you did say call anytime..) for the piping. Please get back to me cheers