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  1. I found the leak... it is in the worst part of the engine bay, right behing the engine. Its the metal bit where you clamp on a thin hose to a bigger hose. No idea how I can fix this or anybody else as it is practicaly unreachable with tools etc. I was able to get my hand in there and touch the crack to stop the leak but how can I actually repair it? Can I just change the whole hose somehow?
  2. Hey dude long time no speak Are you sure it was my exact 34 that was on sale as I never had it up for sale on any classifieds site. Which St George site? As for the leak, how do I go about reaching for it and whats the replacement part I need and where could I grab it from? Do you have a link to the thread? Thanks man
  3. hey guys I havent had a chance to take the car to a mechanic so I had a look just before and its still spitting out water from underneath the car. So I had a look at engine bay and found a fairly high pressured leak - I'm assuming a crack at one of the pipes. Its all the way at the back of the engine so I can't really spot it. Is this just a matter of replacing the plastic pipes or is it something more serious? Cheers and happy new year!
  4. thanks for the info guys I havent driven the car for a long time and maybe from recent heat the coolant just evapourated, if thats even possible. I will flush it out asap, just need to find a good mechanic specialising in lines. Cheers
  5. Hey guys Long time since I've been here as I havent been driving my 34 for months now. Due to this, after taking it for a drive yesterday, after driving for about 20 mins, the car started going a bit sluggish and lost all power and had engine light on. I pulled over and as I thought, overheat. There was no water/coolant left at all and wat was left was extremenly hot and boiling. I let the car cool off a bit while I waited to get some water bottles delivered to me and then filled up around 5 litres of water into radiator and the water/coolant tank. The car started up fine, runs fine and everything but the orange engine light stays on in the dash. Its not coilpacks as I've installed Splitfires already and the car still runs fine. How can I get rid of this engine light now? Is it meant to stay on until somebody manually clears it with a diagnostic tool? Or is there something or some parts that stuffed up due to overheat? Also, should I go get a full radiator flush and who is a good mechanic these days for skylines around Sydney west? Thanks guys DarkZ
  6. Thanks guys I think I will change it as soon as I get some time to take the car back to them.
  7. Hey guys I've got a R34 GTT with 70,000 kms on it and I got my oil changed but they put in Shell Helix Plus which is not fully synthetic oil. Will the car be ok to run this or should I get it redone with Mobile 1? Thanks
  8. will try to attend, though its hard to tell with all the holidays etc.
  9. lol maybe u guys thought my mate who was driving my car (the 34) was Adrian.. his name is actually Amir.
  10. Hey guys Was a good cruise considering the shitty weather. Took just over 900 photos during the day, but only uploaded 100... randomly chosen. http://www.teamgame.com.au/storage/GongCruise/ Enjoy
  11. should be up for this, havent been for a cruise for years it seems. meet up is at liverpool maccas/kks right?
  12. hey guys, never mind. I already bought one and its coming on monday. Thanks for the offer anyways!
  13. Hey guys Does anybody have the stock R34 GTT Air Box and Snorkel? I got defected for having a POD and I can't find my stock Air Box and one part of the snorkel. If anybody has it, I am either willing to burrow and pay or purchase it. Not sure how much this goes for so you let me know. Also, by getting a cold air intake enclosure, can this pass a AUVIS inspection for Air Pod defect? Thanks in advance
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