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  1. Hi Im very interested in the dash. If it is still for sale will you be able to post to the UK? I can pay for postage if you can find out a price. Baz
  2. Hi I have the common problem of oil been pushed out of the oil breather pipes. Untill I can afford to have the engine overhauled etc Im looking for an Oil Catch Can/tank which allows the oil to drain down back into the sump. Ive been told that Nismo and Cusco have these but back here in the UK Im having trouble sourcing pics and info. All I got from 2 parts suppliers was yes we can do the Cusco but its more a universal type. Can anyone help me out with info for these oil catch cans/tanks (do they work) and pics of them fitted etc. Thanks Baz
  3. Just a quick point on testing standard rods. Some one mentioned having them checked by x-ray rather than MPI (Magnetic Partical Inspection). To be honest its pointless having the x-ray done, its alot more expensive than MPI or DPI testing and unless correct technique is used it will not show up very very small cracks. I would reconmend DPI (Dye Penatrive Inspection) Testing. This will show up any cracks or flaws and in my opinion is easier to do than MPI. The rods are soaked in a dye for a few minutes and then cleaned off using water or a cleaner. A developer spray is then used, this will bring out any dye that remains in cracks or flaws and thus you can tell if the rods will be OK! I was tempted to use standard rods but I think I will spend the extra cash and have new H Beam rods fitted, they are a good price now.
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