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  1. threat?........what threat? I dont see a threat? OMG IS THERE A THREAT! OMG OMG OMG OMG hehe harmless fun Bubba, get the f*** over it PS: I love this thread! it makes me lol
  2. DAN YOU CERTAINLY ARE THE MAN!!! F*** you made me LOL hard!! Im having so much fun with this thread woop woop
  3. hahaha that made me giggle, a cow??? is that the best you could do? Yes you dont know me coz you have never met, I have never seen on a cruise or anything! And if you did know me you wouldnt think Im a cow, just ask anyone who knows me on SAUWA. You may have seen my car around (ex car) R34 skyline, number plate anahera, but thats only if you got off your computer and stopped being a keyboard warrior!! Everyone who knows me and Kelli, knows we have a strange sense of humour which alot of ppl tollerate. So my advice to you Bubba and for all your next posts, keep your 'negative' comments to yourself (as I have seen you post alot of negative comments!)! I have been on SAUWA for 4 years and I have never seen so much 'bullying' behaviour, people like you belong on Anti Lag! but then they probably wouldnt like you either due to your sarcastic comments and 'never' showing up to cruises. I challenge you to come on a cruise and call me a cow to my face! We will then see what happens, as you will not be able to hide behind your keyboard. IF you dont stop this immature 'bullying' with everyone including me, on here, I will take further action if necessary. Ok I feel better now, I have had my say and thats it, its over!!! ENOUGH!!!
  4. I am offended by that comment! My toes are not ugly.......... like your face
  5. Well obviously you dont have a sense of humour bubba, so why post negative replies when they are'nt wanted.
  6. F**king LOL!! They look like construction workers feet!! Hi Vis Toe Nails! lol

  8. Man i cant believe some ppl! that is aweful! sorry to hear! but glad they caught the bugger!!! geezz wat is this? TARGET SKYLINE YEAR?
  9. OMG that is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QBE wouldnt even look at me ay. Mum and Dad are with QBE. Just Car's is the way to go dude! they are awesome, really nice and they get shit done quick! When i first got the skyline i payed $1400 pa and $1700excess since then it has gone down to $1200 pa but my excess has jumped to $2100. Excess only jumped coz of all my modifications.
  10. I think i insured it for 18 when i first got it and it went up to 22 when i told them my mods. Not sure ay lol what insurance company was that?
  11. LOL so true ***NEWS UPDATE*** Got the quote back from the mechanic! $1727.87 for the mechanical work to be done! so in total the quotes are $5827.87!! Oh and it is going back for assessment on Wednesday 1st Oct........ Still not over yet! Geez that is the most damage that has happened to that car Poor Sky
  12. Anahera

    Job Vacancy

    bahahaha thats so norty!
  13. Some people are unbelievable!!! seriously they just dont admit to doin wrong! if that was me i would be omg im sooooooo sorry! ppfftt idiots
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