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  1. Hey fellows' Take a look at the report here and make your own decision. Hope this helps. azn_crim Fuel_Report.pdf
  2. Check out the output voltage on your battery. I had the same prob but my mechanic did something to stabilize the battery voltage or thats what he said.
  3. Mine does the same when its cold. i only replaced the stock one with a Excedy HD sports clutch bout 6 months ago.
  4. how much is would it cost to do all that mate.
  5. Can the coolers be used in manuals??
  6. I have a Microtech LT-12, make sure you get the laptop software.
  7. Let me know the best price for a set of SF-DIS-005 IN STOCK AU $ 513.88 AU $ 560.91 To suit ECR33 Series 2
  8. Stay away from RE CUSTOMS in Springvale. Only ever had trouble with them. Nice work shop and everything but dont know shit about skylines. Try the Oakleigh area theres a couple good ones there. Personally i goto Oakleigh Mechanicial Repairs on Kangaroo Rd, a small looking workshop but aweasome service and know everything you can bout skylines as the mechanic owns a few. Hope that helps abit.......
  9. Hey Guys, I strongly recommend the Redline Superlight Weight Shockproof oil. I just got my oil changed and it runs so smooth in the mornings now. I use to double clutch in the morning just to get in second gear, but now there's no probs If your going to change your gear oil. YOU THIS STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU.
  10. =( Thanks dude, I couldn't remeber what to search under. I searched for atleast half an hour Your my hero!!!!! Thanks again Shyster
  11. Hey Guys, I've search and search and search but i still can't find the sudy report done on fuel comparisons. The study was done on a WRX. The report was posted as link a forum but i cannot find it at all. So please if anyone can help me out. Regards azn_r33 RIP - Van Nguyen
  12. Awesome!!!!!!!!I live in Carnegie so its not too far ill have to check it out soon. How many litres do i need for gearbox, diff and engine....... Reagrds, Atila
  13. Hey Guys im with Just Cars - i paid $1288.00 with $1500.00 excess fee. i have a few mods that bring my car into the 13 secs and im only20. How goods that!!!!!
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