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  1. Selling RB26 splitfire coilpacks from an R33 but used on my 32 for about 6 months.. Reason for sale: Upgraded Price: $250.00 Located: Western Sydney Contact: PM
  2. Open to offers but low ballers will be ignored. Also willing to split front and rears if there are buyers for both.
  3. 18inch is minimum but depends on the rim.. Most of the Rays wheels clear, also LMGT4's etc
  4. Just need dogbones / adapters and some brake lines. Can get Supertec ones from Platinum Racing Products or there are cheaper alternatives although not as refined. I already have some on my R32 GTR and are amazing!
  5. Selling for a friend. R35 GTR Brembo brakes from a 2016 R35 GTR Have been used for approximately 15,000km 390mm Fronts 380mm rears 2x AP Racing J Hook Front Rotors, have plenty of meat (RRP $1,700/pair) Please note, this is only for the 4x Calipers and 2x AP Racing J Hook Front Rotors (390mm x 34mm) Comes with everything pictured These are simply going up in price so please no low ballers Located Western Sydney Price $5,490
  6. So tuning is complete for our goal.. On pump 98 made 427kw @ 26psi.. E85 made 538kw @ 30psi but backed it off to 520kw @ 28psi Now just want to drive it around and enjoy it and experience it on circuit! video-1560908421.mp4 video-1560910856.mp4
  7. So some tuning happened today and successful testing of the billet alloy brace from PRP, we had solid/consistent oil pressure the whole time. Proper test will be on the track then pull down after a 6 months to see how the bearings look etc Here's a short pull, found that one of the pumps could be on its' way out and will be looked at tomorrow then replaced etc. video-1558513230.mp4
  8. Fast forward a few days and here we are! No exhaust on at the moment just the dump pipe. Tune next week 🤩 video-1558048418.mp4
  9. Can count the days left on one hand.. Waiting for couple of small pieces to arrive on monday and also an oil accumulator for some extra peace of mind.
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