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  1. I haven't been to the Spit in about 4 years now. too much police related crap. Just cause they drive shit cars they have to come and book everyone who has a decent ride while they are stationary and not breaking any laws. Ah well, the GC will not see any of my money ever again. go QPS! f#cktards
  2. indeed i should have. Although my 30 year old BMW is serving me well. But it needs new pads on it and a few bushes. tracking badly at present.
  3. my car is off for some repairs to the electrical system. Seems I have a broken fibre optic cable
  4. a bit over 5 metres long. only just fits in my garage
  5. i cannot wait to see what the limo is like with it's Pirelli PZero Runflats with all the driver aids switched off, sports mode suspension enabled and manual shifting via the steering wheel controls.
  6. i would have had a bill if i didn't buy a car to minimise my taxable income. so sadly I got a BMW Limo model
  7. i got a whole $340 back! I was so lucky to not have to pay tax this year. ps, anyone got a either a PC and Steering wheel/pedal setup or a console with steering wheel/pedal setup for sale? Doesn't have to be flash. I am after something cheap to keep me sane until I can get back to the track.
  8. we gotta see if these Turbo Skylines can beat a 2 Tonne BMW Limo Who else is coming along to this shindig?
  9. agreed, Lakeside is awesome! Are members allowed to bring a BMW? I gots no Skyline
  10. Antz, go the Quarter Cask or 25yo in the Laphroigh if you are not into a strong peaty flavour. Or the Lagavulin 16 is a nice blend of sweet with some peatiness.
  11. yeah hanging in there. not allowed to work at the moment. still sorting out some health issues. too much partying when your young takes its toll. still haven't got a Nissan and just about to acquire a third BMW. I also have my eyes on an E30 coupe which I plan to convert to an SR20DET for a track car. Will see how it goes financially over Christmas.
  12. Looks like a good strong team for 2015. Congratulations!
  13. Morning everyone! Just a quick pop in to say hi and to let everyone know that the club emails should be working later today. Unfortunately cmshosting and puntoitalia just flipped the switch and deleted our hosting from their servers without notification or warning. The hosting has now been moved to a new web host and a blog/news portal with information on what events are coming up etc as well as links into these forums will be setup. At present, any communication should be directed to [email protected] All of the @sauqld.com email addresses should be functional later today. Chat soon. Bout time I turn up to an event and catch up with everyone. Cheers, Ben.
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