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  1. They are indeed R32 GTS-T wheels, They look similar granted, however you can see clearly 16x6.5 cast into the wheel (GTR's are 16x8 and forged) None the less - a neat set of wheels for $200 - good luck with the sale
  2. Hi Guys Just an update as I have been getting inquiries on these lately. As far as I know the Advance Spec is now discontinued. Cheers Steve
  3. I actually quite enjoyed your ad Jamie and I feel your pain. my two cents - I dont see the harm in trying to weed out the lowballers before they start throwing offers way under what you are asking. People who appreciate the value in what Jamie is asking I dont think will be put out by his indifference to what someone paid last year, for a totally different set, with half knacker rubber (for example). I actually bought a set of brakes off this forum from a member that advertised in a similar manner - I was not put out at all by his frankness, paid his fair asking price and now we are both happy. Good luck with the sale Jamie - its a fair price, especially given the rubber.
  4. G'day Ben Will grab those turbos if you are happy to post Cheers Steve
  5. Have a few exhausts for sale: 1. R32 GTR (or GST-T) Japanese cat back - 85 ~ 95 mm mild piping, has center muffler, 2 piece. Cannon rear muffler. has a bit of an ugly weld / radius (not that you would see that once it is on the car) - sounded fantastic (not droney but had a great bark when it was on power) - plenty of flow for 350kw - $350 2. R32 GTR "Turbo Back System" Veilside. Includes front / Y-Pipe, cat back with center resonator and large cannon rear muffler with rolled tip. Deletes Cat. All straight through, large diameter stainless. knocks down to 3 pieces. (this system would have to be ~ $2000 new) $600 3. R34 GTR Apexi RS / Hybrid Cat Back system. 1 Piece, "Quiet but nice note" would have to be close to 90db - still good for 300kw. Excellent Condition $500 4. R34 GTR HKS "Race" Cat back. 2 Piece 95mm Stainless Piping from Cat. Titanium Rear Muffler (no center muffler). Very Sexy. Loud. Suit Big KW or Race use, Nearly New. $1000
  6. Hi Guys Have accumulated some power FC's - Here is what i have: 1 x Used BNR32 / BCNR33 Apexi Power FC with Commander $1000.00 1 x NEW BNR32 / BCNR33 Apexi Power FC (no commander) $800.00 1 x NEW BNR34 Apexi Power FC D-Jetro (No Commander) $800.00 1 x Used IMPUL HI-POWER CONTROL UNIT BNR34 $500.00 (remapped plug in ECU) All guaranteed - new ones still have local dealer warranty. Prices firm, but include post.
  7. Guys. I have been offered a deal on a brand new Tomei Advance Spec RB26 engine - IF I can purchase more than one. Tomei is doing these for USD $17900 with sea shipping (but not including, customs clearance, duty, GST or and handling charges at the port - this would probabley come up around $2500 in extra charges, maybe more). If I can get another person on board with these motors we would be looking at AUD 18k all up each - including all the GST, duty, clearance & delivery charges to Melbourne metro. Only a few hundred more if you are interstate. These are a killer motor for the money BUILT BY TOMEI IN JAPAN. They use ALL BRAND NEW PARTS. These are BRAND NEW MOTORS - complete from cam covers to sump. Some good stuff about these engines: Brand New Built by Tomei, Japan N1 block Tomei forged pistons and rods Nismo oil pump Tomei cams Nismo bearings Tomei cam pulleys Tomei timing belt Tomei head gasket Tomei sump baffle N1 water pump Includes sump and diff and all engine covers - And not least of all - DECADES OF TOMEI RB26 EXPERIECE. Here are some specs and pics (and links below): Here is a link to build details: http://www.tomeipowe...ec-rb26-engine/ and specs (components used etc) http://www.tomei-p.c...cedspec_rb.html
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