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  1. He’s from tassie, he probably about the rest of the country.
  2. I don’t daily mine, but I do drive it often. I have two hotted up “future classics” and I drove them as much as I can
  3. I don’t believe the gtr or import scene is dead. Its just evolved, and cat culture is now moving to a younger generation of people and cars. 90s and early 2000s imports are more expensive because everyone who had them back in the day want them again and will pay to dollar, while the younger drivers with not a lot of money can’t afford them and are switching to 86s and Golfs and Renaults. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a passing of the torch.
  4. DNF

    All Nissan Day

    I’ll be there assuming COVID doesn’t ruin it
  5. Hi guys im picking up a v35 by the end of next week and will be looking at a couple of coupes this weekend. Does any one have any advice (or links to advice) in buying these cars and what to look out for etc? I just dont wanna buy a lemon thats all. cheers
  6. As an Insurance Broker I have access to a whole range of Insurance Companies that arnt aloud to deal with the public. As such using a broker can sometimes be cheaper.
  7. Im an insurance Broker. Anyone here who is over the age of 25 i can give cheap insurance.
  8. So Basically there is no real difference between buying a 2003 and a 2006 V35? Its not like buying say an r33 where there were actual differences between models?
  9. What Improvements have they got? I heard somewhere the have 4 wheel steering? Is this true?
  10. Havnt seen any 06 and 07 V35s for sale or on the road. Is this because they arnt eligable for import? (if this is the case i would find this surprising as the v36 is available. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infiniti_G
  11. Hi All I'm selling my Skyline registered until August 2010. The vehicle has never been raced or drifted, never boosted and is more or less stock standard. The reason for selling is because i need something with 4 doors. It has had the 100,000km service with cam seals and all belts replaced along with the Gaskets and all fluids. The car is used mainly as a daily driver so its in decent condition with some minor blemishes a good buff would fix. It is as smooth as anything as i have looked after the engine. The car has done about 170K on the clock which are genuine with oil changes using synthetic oil every 20-25k. I have owned this car for 2 years and prior to that there has been one other owner in Australia who owned for about a year. The car also comes with the following parts that have NOT been fitted. NISMO Carbon fiber pillar panels SARD thermostat SARD fuel pump adapter CUSCO strut brace CUSCO underbrace CUSCO brake brace. The car has fitted to it: NISMO black indicators 17 inch 5 spoke wheels with good offset SARD blowoff Valve Fujitsubo catr back exhaust JVC DVD head unit. Excedy Clutch & flywheel (installed about 12 months ago) Basically i just want this gone as quick as possible as i am also going over seas soon so I'm open to offers. PRICE: $9000 or nearest offer Contact Mat - 0431248866 - in Victoria. *** note my camera is charging at the moment so ill put some pics up of the car in about half an hour. thanks mods.
  12. Can i have the exterior passenger door panel If its not damaged? I will pm you.
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