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  1. nah you did okay, thanks for the fun run. pity about the cops, but lucky he was a nice guy!
  2. yummy

    Plex 4 Feb 2009

    I'll be giving tonight a miss due to the heat..
  3. My car had a boost leak due to a split intercooler pipe. Simon, tbh 110mph is low for 380rwhp. My old 33 gtst ran 110mph with around 300rwhp. Also, the motorplex is a good track and is apparantly one of the 'fastest' ones in Australia. I'm not sure why your mph is lower than expected, but hopefully it will be better this week after your final tune. Good luck with it, I'll see you Wednesday.
  4. yummy

    Plex 4 Feb 2009

    Sounds like its got some power, should comfortably be in the 12s with a better launch.
  5. yummy

    Plex 4 Feb 2009

    Hey I only just saw this thread! I was in the modded blue 34, was running slow times because of a boost leak from a crack in my i/c pipe. I was launching it as high as 8k rpm and it was still bogging down! I fixed it yesterday, and omg shes quick now!! Wasn't a wasted night though as winning the reaction time competition for $300 was nice Rematch this Wednesday Simon Hope the tune goes well, should be very interesting.
  6. Thought I'd share my new car with you guys. I've always wanted a r34 gtr, its been my dream car as far as I can remember. Finally could afford one end of last year, and when I saw this one for sale at a good price I had to get it! Looks standard under the bonnet, had no hassles at all getting it over the pits when I got the rego swapped over from NSW, but its had abit of work done to it . More details in the members section. Originally made around 470awhp or 350awkw at 1.4 bar when it was first built and tuned, and the previous owner has run a 11.0@127mph on MickyT's at WSID. More pics: At the pits: With my old r33: The cockpit: With full bodykit and BBS wheels: (previous owner removed the sides and rear, I have the 2nd front lip but its not on the car atm) On the dyno in Sydney: At Barbagello last week: Running rich: Flamage!
  7. having trouble signing up for the forum.. but i'm filling out the forms for the event now and sending them in by email, hopefully it isn't too late to enter.
  8. interested, will definately look into it.
  9. yep. cool bloke, seemed to be really enjoying himself.
  10. was your dad's gtr 2wd? think i had a chat with him at the truckstop.
  11. fun hills roads when we weren't lost. too bad it was already past 2 when we got back to leach and i had to go home. really wanted to dish some chop on the highway legs!
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