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  1. Haven't really had the time or money to put towards my GTS lately and I'm unsure about what's going on with my work next year, So I thought I'd put it up here in the hopes that it can go to a good home and get the care it deserves. I'm in no real hurry to sell this, And will be slowly trying to get bits and pieces done on it. Make/Model: Nissan Skyline, SVD GTS1 Year: 1988 Kilometers: 291,580 on cluster. Not sure if this is the original cluster Transmission type: R32 5 speed Engine: R32 RB20DET Colour: Resprayed in Suzuki "White pearl mica" Modifications: •R32 silver top RB20DET •RB25 Crank •RB26 Rods •Forged pistons 40thou oversized •Ross Tuff bond metal jacket harmonic balancer •Ported Head •Red top cams (longer duration) •Adjustable cam gears •O ringed head •Copper head gasket •Stainless high mount manifold •Garrett GT3072R •Braided oil/water lines •TiAL 38mm external wastegate (1bar) •Wolf3D V4 with handset, boost controller •Turbosmart BOV •Big "Deka Intimidator" AGM battery in box in boot •NSW Engineers Certificate •QLD Mod plate Registered: Yes, until 04/12 Accident History: None that I know of Asking Price: $6500, Will consider any reasonable offers. Location: Penrith, NSW Contact Details: PM me on here, or Call/Text O4O1 331 668 Other Comments: Needs some work. •Has a little rust coming up in the drivers side door jam and also in the boot under the spare. •Needs a new booster/master. Will be doing this as soon as funds allow for it. •Needs new clutch/ gearbox. I have a spare gearbox ready to go in, Just gotta get a clutch. •Needs a tune •Needs new tail lights, The ones currently on the car are cracked and leak water into the boot (hence rust under spare) •Needs some suspension work. Bushes and whatever. Has a few scratches on the paintwork, The worst probably being on the drivers side front corner where someone ran into me while I was parked when I first got the car. The drivers side seat is a bit torn on the side, which is why I have a seat cover on it. Thats all I can think of for now.
  2. Hi guys, looking for a R33 RB25DE, Hopefully somewhere around Sydney. In good running order. Don't need loom.
  3. Item:HKS low mount cast manifold and HKS external wastegate Condition:Used Price:$1000 o.n.o (reasonable offers thanks...) To Fit:RB20DET or RB25DET Location:Western Sydney Contact: 0402 176 302 (call or SMS) Comments: Had this manifold on my R31 for quiet a while. Only changed it because I wanted to go high mount with my new turbo. Apparently they're quite rare, and flow very well. Manifold has T3 flange, and flange for a 4 bolt external gate. The wastegate is around 40mm (as a guess). Unsure of what spring is in it, but I never had any problems runninh 24psi on it.
  4. if i had a coupe, I'd definately be saving up my pennies to get one. Definately a way to make a 31 look a little bit different than the rest.
  5. I'd say theres a 50/50 chance that I'll be coming along in my R31. So look out for a white R31 GTS1 (Aussie model)
  6. I think theres alot of people out there who would sell an arm or 2 to get ahold of one of those OS giken twin cam heads. Nissan also produced a twin cam head of their own for the L series 4 cylinder. They called it the "LZ" Theres a bit of info on it here datrats Pic of the OS giken twin cam head for a L4 check this car out too - 240Z with TC24 B1 head(OS GIKEN) Woulda loved one of them for my c210
  7. heres a few pics of my R31 GTS1. Has a RB20DET silvertop with a bit of work. Mods include: - Resprayed in Suzuki "white pearl mica" - R32 RB20DET conversion - RB25 Crank - RB26 Rods - Forged Pistons - Front Mount Intercooler - HKS exhaust manifold and wastegate - T04E - Wolf3D ECU
  8. Theres one in sydney with a LS1 in it.. runs pretty good times. and also a mate of mine has a 4 door one with a RB25 in it... makes my new R31 feel like its standing still..
  9. Yes, still avaliable, But i do have 1 person interested.
  10. ***SOLD*** For sale: 1977 Datsun C210 Skyline Coupe Head has a mild cam, Larger intake valves, and cleaned up ports. Numberplates MYC-210 Rego till december. Condition: Fairly straight, But needs some love. Engine has a slight overheating problem which i'm not too sure about. overheats eventually (after around 30-40min driving) Price and price conditions: $2800 o.n.o Extra Info: nothing much else to mention i don't think. has had a new head gasket recently.. and a few other bits and pieces. JVC head unit in the glovebox, 6x9s in boxes on parcel shelf. Contact Details: Mobile - 0402176302 Location: South Penrith, NSW Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup Pictures:
  11. Been a while since i've updated this. Nothing too much has happened to the car over the last year due to it being my daily. But Over the last 2 weeks it has been at the mechanics. It now has a reground cam, Bigger intake valves, Bigger intake ports. Hopefully bigger carbie and exhaust soon.
  12. wow, doesnt look like its in too bad condition. what work needs doing to it to get in on the road? any huge plans for it? would probably look quite nice just cleaned up alot and with white walls.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Datsun-Skyline-1978...1QQcmdZViewItem thought maybe someone on here might be interested in this.. just found it while searching through ebay. if it was in sydney I'd probably be thinking about it.... lol.
  14. Any photos?? I'd love to see some. It's always good to see someone with something different
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