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  1. running 15psi at aftermarket wastgate oh right stock boost solenoid, used to limited boost until up in the rev range ( i'm way too comfortable with rb20's, forgot newer rb's run such trickery ) cheers for that now to see if my new de-pinning tools will work better than my old method of using a sharpened metal nail
  2. thanks for the response, thought it might be different for the stagea. i just got a response from matt at nistune, ecu boost sensor is pin 47 ( at least on the r34 ), had a look on my S1 C34 stagea ecu loom pinout and there is no wire so confirmed s1 stagea didnt come with boost sensor ( s1 c34 runs s2 r33 engine with r34 type ecu harness). does anyone with a c34 know what that plug is for? i will most likely unpin it from ecu harness and pin it into pin47 for boost sensor on my neo nistune setup for s1 stagea
  3. hey guys, just confirming that this is the ecu boost sensor plug for s1 c34 stagea pin 104 ? or at least looks like the r34 variant thanks
  4. well generally adjustable cam gear settings play with the powerband of an engine. when i played around with my rb20 i advanced intake and retarded exhaust, done in incremental adjustments with full boost test runs to find the sweet spot, i found i would hit full boost earlier in the rpm range, however i figure i was robbing top end power Note: make sure you at least have a wideband sensor or is run on a dyno for such adjustments so u don't lean out and blow your engine
  5. ^ looks like a custom CAI box to suit factory snorkel stao, thats a great price on the afm, i cant seem to find Dev industries anywhere , care to link me up to where i can purchase it ? thanks
  6. my bad, maybe its just a Victorian thing. been awhile since i looked it up >.>
  7. grind/ face off the old rb30 number and engrave/ stamp a 25 number off a broken 25 technically you cant legally register a rb30 as its an older engine in a newer body
  8. or just ditch the clutch fan and shroud, run a thermo fan with "S" type blades, not the straight type. it all works fine
  9. i had no clue e85 reacts badly to aluminium, albeit poor quality aluminium none the less. do most just run stainless set ups, or is it just the luck of the draw with aluminium?
  10. i'm wondering if we can get a sub forum for wheels, if i remember correctly we did have one at some point on the old forums. this way we dont have to spend hours trolling through engine parts when one is only looking for wheels does anyone have thoughts on this, discuss ?
  11. am after a rb20det afm, at a guess the 20de would be the same part number located in vic thanks
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