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  1. Ive seen this car in the flesh (not that the owner knows me it used to part across from my work in morning side) and id frequently stop and admire. Its one of the nicer r33 gtr examples i have seen in the flesh. Good luck with your sale mate, dont go overboard chopping it up the right buyer will come along.
  2. R33 GTS-T Skyline 1993 Gun Metal Grey 130,000km, 5 speed manual Power FC ECU and Hand Controller Hi-flow turbo Front mount intercooler short shifter aftermarket clutch boost gauge Trust Turbo back exhaust Split Dump Pipe K&N Pod filter with cold air induction set up 18” Mags with 235's on the front and 255's on rear aftermarket suspension Alarm with 2way remote Decent stereo with Sony MP3 Head-Unit, Pioneer 12” sub, Sony front splits and rear 6" clean interiors with no marks on seats Car also comes with an ARC side mount intercooler I have had the car tuned on 10psi producing a tad over 280rwhp or 211rwkw. The set up is obviously capable of much more if you were to decide to run more boost and re-tune. Upfront the issues with the car as follows, the tacho stopped working likely an easy fix for an auto electrician and their is also some oxidization on the bonnet and a small patch on the roof. The car is mechanically A1 and id be happy for any mechanical inspection to be performed on the car, leak down test ect. This car has been meticulously maintained and Serviced every 5000km it has been very reliable and great on fuel averaging around 10 - 11l per 100km. Am selling due to getting a company car and have no need for it two cars If interested or would like to view the car please call me (Dan) on 0415683719 i am located in Brisbane South Side.
  3. Guys, Looking to buy an unmolested R33 MSPEC front bar. Preferably in Brisbane however will buy interstate if the price is right. So if anyone has one available any color is fine shoot me a PM and we will organise. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Normal drive you say its 10-15. Whats your knock levels like full throttle in say 1st to 2nd up to 100kh/h?
  5. Id say you just need to get the tune touched up in that area. Have a look on the tracer where its doing it and drop a couple degrees timing from that area. The extra load in 4th could be highlighting the issue.
  6. lol i wouldnt be calling him a prick.. it was great advise. If you dont know what he ment id read into how a piggy back works
  7. i do believe thats how magnets and metal seem to behave when placed near each other...
  8. Congratulations on the conversion, good stuff
  9. Its not even cranking over so its not going to be a spark or fuel issue.
  10. The only way a pod filter could make that sort of difference is if your panel filter was an absolute dirty piece of crap. Otherwise on a fairly standard R33 the only real difference would be induction noise.
  11. lol i guess he assumes its available at every service station...
  12. Definately a better idea. Your engine would be absolutely stuffed if you NEEDED 40thou oversized pistons. Also if you dont go large oversize now you will be able to use the block again if need be in future re-builds. A block can only be taken so far out.
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