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  1. Oh I was and am keen, but I showed the Mrs....who drives a Black Skoda vRS wagon atm....and she says it is NO different to what shes driving now.......does not want. Bloody women! I will wear her down.
  2. Interested. Was looking at importing one of these a few years back....did'nt think it was possible? Pricing in UK seems to start around 16'000 pounds, if so, by my rather dodgy calcs that should see it landed for $35600 ish plus compliance etc or close to your $40'000 Personally im interested in a Manual Black wagon, say this one, using my dodgy calcs again, $52600 landed, so under 60k driveaway?
  3. Edit: actually the 1540kg is Sans driver. So actual race weight would be 3582lbs for an R32 GTR Which changes estimate to a 12.2 qtr. So I'm either an awesome driver, my cars making more than 389rwHp or the calculators not entirely accurate.....I'm guessing the later
  4. My R32 GTR weighs 1540kg which is 3395lbs I have ran an 11.9 at the motorplex, at the time it an 389rwHp on Hyperdrives dyno. Amazingly thru that calculator it says I should run an 11.9
  5. Non Vspec. Brembo F50's - 355mm
  6. Heres my 32. Lost a bit of interest in it, so just sits in Garage these days,
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that when the OP asked which is 'Quicker' he was talking about straight line stuff.................99.9% of school children who ask these type of questions are! Simple question simple answer really
  8. stock for stock, straight line, Subaru WRX vs R32 GTR GTR / Evidenced here back in 1990 in Australia when the roadtest cars were running low 13's....show me a WRX that has managed that. Way to many variables at a 'wet' track day to be viable comparo
  9. Heres a conversation i had with a guy on Antilag with an R32 GTR and similar symptoms
  10. Unless I personally know the car with a rebuilt motor has proven itself reliable I take those sales claims with a pinch of salt also. I have had many a rebuilt performance motor in the past, and many have let go down to something as simple as a bad tune or dodgy injector...dont think because in someones add they claim to have a freshly rebuilt engine it aint gunna take a dump a 1000kms later......you just never know To be honest I actually prefer unopened motors
  11. I'll just be happy to see R32 GTR owners put there damn rear spoilers back on! As for mine, it's mildly modified, but pretty much all mods were done with a factory feel in mind, such as the R34 GTR wheels Brembo F50s and so on.....I like cars to look factory whilst packing a bigger punch in most departments I won't be returning mine to stock, sure I may lose a few grand but way to much stuffing around to be worthwhile.
  12. Still cant get any TV reception, im told the Aerial that comes with it is crap so thought I may try something else before giving up (not to worried about TV function) These guys seem pretty cheap anyone have any ideas on which Aerial would be the best upgrade? http://www.onvon.com/electronics-amfm-ante...5045e2be91abf62 The DVB-T output from the back of the deck is a Female SMA which also seems to cause a few problems when looking for an aerial
  13. Ok so I pulled it all out today, turns out the problem with the GPS was the GPS antenna was plugged into the TV antenna outlet! All works fine now....or at least until I went to put it back in the car and discovered the GPS antenna cable in the back of the deck fouls on a structural bulkhead and will not fit without some serious mods So I am back to where I started...but at least know what the problem is!
  14. So, I bought one of these HT-9001s model 2 din Ebay jobbies for our Pathfinder. Egay Heres how its gone so far It arrived within 48 hours of payment from an Aussie supplier which was good. Had it installed today by a local 'Stereo shop'.....got bulk attitude from the shop once he saw the unit as its pretty much an exact copy of the Eclipse unit they sell for $2299. Anyway he told me this probably wouldnt work and that probably would'nt work and so on before he'd even started the job....I said whatever just fit the unit and i'll sort the rest out later. Sure enough when I went to pick it up, "We cant get any reception on the TV, and can't get the steering wheel controls to work".....but that'll be $350 for the install thanks...... For $200 the best aerial you can get is a BMW style one for the roof, they also do one in your front and rear bumper $150, and a window sticker one for $100, but all have slightly different connections to the one on the back of the unit. I also notice the steering wheel control wires are not hooked up at all currently...but again they can sell me a box for around $240 that will solve that problem also............. I will try in the morning to connect the TV aerial and Steering wheel control wires to check for Bullshit. But I have another problem with the GPS, it appears to to be stuck on the car stereo installers location which is really pissing me off!!!??? I can find places...but I cannot navigate anywhere as its stuck on there location, and tells me I cannot navigate due to my current parameters or some such BS..... I have reset the unit, disconnected the battery, reset the satellite feed, taken out the SD card, but everytime I turn the GPS on it shows my location as the stereo shop and dosnt move...fantastic Any ideas? Everything else appears to work fine, it syncs with my iPhone, and the reverse camera also works well. Heres a few pics:
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