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  1. Wanted 19x10.5 Volk GT-C Money is ready Serious buyer Will pay for shipping Cheers
  2. Front is 225/40 rear is 265 falken Heaps of meat left But I want extra for those Pm if you like
  3. Definately knew that, have previously owned an ATTESA equipped car before Have seen plenty of them run different widths, but obviously overall diameter was kept same. WYTSKY - Does your wheel sit in heaps with that offset? im looking to run a 18x9 +18 offset Ill probly do a build thread for my car, should keep the GTS4 owners interested.
  4. Hey all Have for sale a set of Blitz Technospeeds. As you all know, these are rare and hard to come by, i personally searched for these over a year They could do with a freshen up, but otherwise they are in really good condition structually Lips could do with a polish and there is some paint flaking here and there Specs as follows Front 18x8 +41, these are the face with big brake clearance Rear 18x9 +45 No tyres, Centre caps are included Price $800 Location is in sydney Please pm for any further enquires
  5. hey all this is specific to R33 GTS4 owners Wondering what wheel widths, offsets and tyre sizes yous are running on the front Anyone running a 9 inch wheel on the front? cheers!
  6. theres a few options to do this R33 GTR front hubs R33 GTST rear hubs youll need gtst rotors and calipers or you can use the hub from the r32 gtr and swap the hub into your gts4 knuckle parts wise your looking at $500-1000
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