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  1. Idiots stole my misses car.... at least got it back but now barrel is rooted.... I want to buy a barrel with keys... and if you have a wreck or something id love to be able to buy door locks and boot lock too if possible as my misses really doesnt want to have two different keys....one to get in and one to start.... BUT, if you have just the barrel ill take it cause she really needs the car "safely" lockable and driveable to get our son to play group and shops etc....right now cant let her take it cause using a freaking pliers to start it... From other post it looks like afew where stolen..... when i found mine i actually saw a black one still running around the corner but the steering must off locked on them so they dumped it and must off decided to steal my misses.....bast...ds msg or ring and ill call back if im at work and cant answer.... Trung 0434 424 411 aka Dr Drft..... Thanks in advance as we are devastated as she really loves her car....
  2. He is right the line will choke up and must get the one way valves. But for the amount of power your after two 044 is over kill. Even if your tuner says its for saftey, that really aint gonna work cause if both are turned on than it will be tuned for both so if one stops working it will suffer from starvation anyway. Plus with one it will be neater and cheaper. I also bought two cause thought that is what was needed but I had 576kw@wheels and only ever had one turned on and found that they actually flowed alot better as a single. Whereas with two you also have resistance problems....Best to fit one and get it tuned and if for some reason it is not evough than fit a second(which I doubt youll need). Dr DRFT
  3. well ive had my number plates DRDRFT for over 10years. plus look at the date i signed up to sau....i aint gonna change it because sam is also known as dr drift....
  4. My old GTR which I built 5 years ago had all the normal (saftey not power goodies, forgies etc... and had a set of HKS GTRS, on its maiden tune it made 366.9Awkw @22psi, not laggy. Lost my licence so sold it but could off got alot more out of it with more tuning. Now I just got the bug and have just started a new build on another GTR. this time with money being hard, i have opted for -10s, motor has internal saftey work but still running standard fuel system! til i get more money. @10psi i am 300Awkw...this is only stage one and when funds allow will be upgrading fuel system and than start to play again. Not as responsive as previous setup at the moment but not a lag bomb. Anything over 3800rpm and she will start to boogie...I cant make a definitive answer yet til I turn up the boost but so far it feels like even though the -10 is rated the same as the HKS GTRS, I dont think on the street it will preform on par with HKS? But only time will tell.... I think people are too fused about how much boost is safe on the street, It is all to do with tuning, Big turbos doesnt mean lag if setup and tuned right! My old supra ran 577Rwkw@over 2bar boost, as a daily drive, turbo was bigger than my head and everybody said it will be laggy as hell, but I am also a lazy driver and I can tell you that it was not laggy, no need to drop gears, just excelerate and spin to my hearts content... IMO its all in the tune. Did go to calder just for fun and she pulled 11.27@157mph....wheel spin 3/4 track...But that was with full tien drift setup....was not setup for quater... Dr Drft...
  5. Dr DRFT

    Stacked The 33

    "Sucks when my first accident ever is something so stupid that could have been avoided by paying more attention...only myself to blame." At least its out off the way now! No longer a virgin....look on the bright side...its minor and fixable, no one got hurt and the first accident jinx is gone! Dr Drft...
  6. Dude, Get full comp! Especially on a new bike like that....It could be alittle thing like a....I parked the bike in my garage and went to put the kickstand down and the kickstand didnt fully go down and awwwww....$1000 for new flaring on the left, Indicator stalk, broken mirrior etc..... Or at a set of lights went to put foot down and the oil or tram line on the road made my foot slip and awwwwww.... Bikes are totally different too cars....one little tiny mistakes, adds too alot of $$$$ you will be shocked at genuine replacement cost for bikes.... Nice ride, dont mean to bust your bubble but I have seen it happen too many times, people think $20k for brand new bike but they dont relise how easy it is to just tip over a bike and the cost to repair is awwwwwww so ridiculous.... Those newish 600rr are really easy too ride and put the power to the ground....Your gonna love it, plus you should look at going on a track day, not to cane your bike but to learn how she really handles, you will get alot out of a track day. They have slow runs(through out the day at different times) for people with little experience too, so dont be worried your not fast enough. You will learn alot...Plus your confidence will grow and you will be able to talk to others who will be able to give you tips and tricks to ride better...On the street just keep eyes open and enjoy the ride... My only advice and I know ill probably get knocked for this is get some pipes on her, she will go better and the most important thing is cars and other people will know you are there on the road....some car drivers cant see you but if they hear you coming its alot safer IMO.... Dr Drft....
  7. If your talking about sunshine ave area than its mcintyre rd OH performance (james) If your talking about sunshine rd than stay away from him (Huss) HI Performance Jap Imports.... Dr Drft...
  8. Wow....10 year boomerang...... Destiny.....that bike belongs to you man.... Did you buy if off the dude you sold it too 10 years ago or has it been through several owners? Your so lucky it is still in mint conditon....I doubt my first road bike would be in such good condition..... FUN thats what its all about...cars bikes boats... I know its off topic but, Just like too say hi to everyone, My name is Trung aka Dr Drft, I been out of the car scene for awhile, been pre- occupied with house and boats and the last few years I have been driving a Nissan patrol(turbo) but deseil have only just got the bug again, and just picked up a R32GTR... Hope to meet and check out afew of the mad rides Ive read about...geez alot has changed but guess that is due to smurfs being so harsh nowadays... Dr Drft...
  9. My supra use to eat bikes for breakfast in a straight line.....Off the line and rolling start, On the other hand my blade has not lost too a car yet.... But around tight corners a Good rider will always beat the car..... So many riders out there with fast bikes but they dont know how to use all the potential of the bike and alot off car drivers beat them... But in all honesty a good rider on a good bike will win 97% of the time... As for Charlie, I dont know her, but if you read her post she states that she has fond memories of the spur, as this is where she first touched her puck on the bitchemen....which means she can ride...and on a gixxer...she gonna be quick....So many cafe racer nowadays but from the sounds of it, she is not one of them...Too be able to throw a 1000cc motorbike around the spur and be able to hang an inch off the bitchamen at speed takes real talent... Dr Drift...
  10. I searching for a 10inch steering wheel...I had a momo one but my brother has taken it.... I am willing to pay top dollar for one...If you have any 10inch steering wheel, send me a picture, doesnt have to be momo but really want a momo... Dr Drift...
  11. You interested in a one of a kind bike... Dr Drift...
  12. I am selling one of my pride and joys (Bike). I have spent over $20,000 with reciepts on Mods, It has been to a few bike shows. It has been babied and has not lived over 9000rpm much. Way too much power and no need to use up all the revs which is set at 13,000rpm... Comes with All original parts that where taken off as soon as the bike came off the showroom floor. Two sets of wheels, One set has brand new tyres. Reason for sale is, I dont ride anymore after my son was born. No where to put him. I have reciepts of all work done and reciepts of all services done by a very well know workshop. They tuned and serviced the bike every 2500klms(have reciepts) plus nothing but the best was used. She is now showing 32,000klm on the clock and many say that she is only run in properly now! NEVER been dropped! Has not been riden in over a year but has been started every two weeks... I am open to legit offers and will be willing to swap for car... One of a kind bike... DR DRIFTS Honda CBR1000rr 06' 169.2hp@wheel(Custom Mapping) __________________ Full Micron 06' Serpent System(Redesigned by Micron) Dynojet Commander 3 & Ignition Module Goodridge Braided Brake Lines Intergrated Brake Light Flushmount Indicators Valter Moto Rearsets Dynojet Quickshifter Pazzo Shorty Levers CarbonFibre Hugger Iridium Blue Screen Braking Wave Disc STM Slipper Clutch Sprockets 15f-42r Pireilli Corsa Pros Ohlins 06' Shock OEM Rear Cowl DID Gold Chain Speedo Healer Polished Rims Scorpio i500 Flapper Mod Harris Grips K&N Filters Race Pads ETC...too much too mention... PLus all original parts and heaps more... $20,000ono All offers will be considered as I am currently driving a turbo diesel 4wd.....getting a itch to drive a car with real boost.... Wouldnt mind swapping for car that can fit a baby seat.... Dr Drift...
  13. Brand New..... Falken FK-452 245-35-ZR20 $650.... Sumitomo HRTZ II 245-35-ZR20 $680.... Or $1200 for the set of 4...... Must Pick Up western suburbs Melbourne.....
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