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  1. Hi there I had the conversion done June last year.(The Russian tech) About $1500 Au. Australian 2019 GPS maps. Quality English conversion. The whole package was supplied, no core required or charges. After paying, it only took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. Good aftersales service through email. My car, 2008 370GT coupe
  2. WTB 2 x 19" x 9" OEM rear mags for the 2008 Nissan 370GT SP coupe
  3. Hi there Who would you recommend on the Aus. east coast, to do repairs on my Apexi PFC GTR33L 020 2291 Any recommended technicians will be appreciated
  4. Hi there Would anyone have a R33 GTST gear lever housing (the one that bolts to the top of the 5 speed gear box, with 6 bolts) Also the round steel tail shaft cover, that is pressed onto the rear of the R33 GTST gear box Price please including postage to Byron Bay nsw 2481 Ph.0405277343 Cheers, Clive
  5. Are the OEM RB25 piston ring grooves the same as the Rb26 and RB30 pistons, which are 1.5 - 1.5 - 2.8 mm Thanks for any help
  6. Thanks GTSBoy So, Does the crank case pressure, including some oil (the oil mist) enter the open end of the breather chamber, and then does the oil finds its way back through the vent to below the breather chamber. Have i got system sorted now ?? Cheers
  7. It would work if you selected the correct tyre profiles, so the rolling radius was the same, front to back
  8. Does anyone know, what are the 2 little brown plastic, vent / breather things INSIDE each cam cover on the RB26 engine.? The RB20 has 2 metal, vent / breathers things IN each cam cover. As all RB cam cover breather chambers are vented (open at one end) into the cam covers, i dont understand what the purpose is for the 2 vent / breathers things
  9. Hi Sev. Those carbon tips are not used anymore on the new coils, They just have springs. What you could do is clean the tips up on some sand paper and stretch the spring a bit, to make a good contact. If that doesnt work i can send you a new set of spring ,(free) as i sell nissan RB coil packs and have some spares Send me your address details if you need them. Cheers, Clive
  10. The speed sensor in the speedo (for the power steering) has also been replaced = still no change. Any other ideas, Please.......
  11. Thanks for the replies Yes the fuses are ok It was working for ok for about 6 months and then started working only sometimes and now not a tall
  12. Yes the speedo works fine and all dash lights go out when engine is started Also the hicas had been removed before i purchased the car, and the steering was working ok then.
  13. Hi there Does anyone know what controls the variable power steering (ECU, speed, pressure) on the R32 GTST My R32 only works on the heavy setting, it is power steering but doesnt change to the lite setting at slow speed. It was working as it should when i first purchased the car. Also i have change the steering rack solenoid and flushed and bled the system. Any ideas please.
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