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  1. These photos with the 1/4 panel fitted show the volume of material to be cut away for the new tubs.
  2. The wheel tubs have been modified by manufacturing a new outer tub as per the genuine GTR. Once the flares are bolted on they will easily fit the deep dished Hayashi Racing wheels.
  3. The rust replacement sections have been welded to the 1/4 panels and fit perfectly. Looking awesome. Before - looking nasty.
  4. That's awesome! So much Hako stuff about in general, they are much better in terms of parts than the C110.
  5. Restored make some parts but it's all FRP stuff. I'm not aware of any steel products?
  6. The LH side was in better condition so the sill was repaired along with lower A pillar, B pillar and dog leg inner. All ready to weld back together!
  7. Thanks mate! It's funny you say that becuase when I pulled out old boxes to catalogue I found things I'd forgotten about. It's all in a spreadsheet now
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh!!
  9. The right hand sill was pretty much gone so it was far quicker to have an entire replacement section made. And the old sill removed with the inner tidied up ready for the section to be welded in place.
  10. The rear end has been fully repaired and is back together, firs the boot floor had to be welded back into place Then the inner and outer beaver panels could be reattached Once that was done the 1/4 panels were temporarily fitted to line up the tail light panel The end result is a slightly more compete rear profile!
  11. Progress has been slow becuase the media blaster has been backed up with a large commercial job. There were a few more areas that needed work once the ass end was off. Here's some more progress shots from before it went off. The car arrived back last week so it should start moving now.
  12. Haha, I think we both know the answer to that question. Maybe they get pleasure form seeing something shitty come out better than new? [emoji38]
  13. Yeah man, I'm super excited too. Can not wait to get a clean shell back to start reassembling!
  14. Dude, what a hilarious purchase! Pretty awesome though, you're making my build look bad ;)