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  1. Hey Liz! Funny you should ask, took these in Melbourne on the weekend. The shell is now completely rust free and modified. There is still some panel work and prep to be done before it's ready for paint. I'll have the remainder of the work done here in Melbourne now.
  2. Depends on the hourly rate for the guy on the tools, haha
  3. Oooh yeah, I'm sure there will be some hidden gems in the Hako too. On the plus side, at least you can buy some pre made replacement sections?
  4. Now that the body is rust free the rest of the body kit can be fitted and this includes the front spoiler. The spoiler was pretty flimsy and fitment was rubbish so it needed a lot of work and brackets made up to stabilise.
  5. Thanks mate, wish I could take the credit but the body work is being done by Paul and his team at Custom and Classic Cars in Mount Barker, SA. Definitely wizardry though huh, I saw them do a number of other cars before mine including another C110 and decided they'd be great for the job. The waiting list was well over a year long!
  6. So now the body is done the fun stuff begins. The guards have to be modified to fit the JDM spec fender mirrors. This is the "template" used The holes didn't need to be anywhere as large, this is the grommet that sits between the body work and mirror With the holes cut the mirrors were mounted up for test fitment, looking good!
  7. Good question... I think I always knew that old Nissan/Datsun was a can of worms but the difficult part is you don't really know just how big the can is until you blast the shell. The shell was pretty bad, lots of hidden gems but I'm in so deep now that the only thing to do is to finish it. It will be worth it in the end...*nervous laughter*
  8. Thanks mate! Hopefully you'll see it in person sometime in the near future
  9. With all of the panels, doors and skins now rust free the car is FINALLY rust free. This is a major milestone and really exciting! The roof skin, rear and and quarter panels are all welded back into place and aligned nicely. There is still work to to but it's looking like a car again.
  10. I was just having a read of your thread actually, should be nice man. Yeah definitely be thankful you don't need to go to this effort, it hurts haha
  11. The bonnet was puss too, lots of rust where the skin met the frame
  12. Inside the doors was pretty bad, lots of rust in the corners where the skin met.
  13. The base of both guards was pretty bad but no real surprises there considering it was fairly heavily bogged. Replacement sections were constructed then welded in place. The flares were also trial fitted, mounting hardware was welded in behind the guard to make attachment nice and neat.
  14. There was a bit of rust at the base of the radiator support panel, this was removed and patched up
  15. With both panels removed, repairs were done and they were welded back in place
  16. There were no real surprised when the scuttle panel needed to come off. Guess what we found? If you answered more rust, you get a gold star!
  17. The completed panels ready to be primed You can clearly see the repair sections here before paint Quarter panels primed and ready to be welded back into place
  18. Swage lines were rolled into the guards as per the genuine GTR, the flares sit in here. With the panel off it was a perfect opportunity to tack on mounting hardware for the flares.
  19. I've been a bit slack on updates! With the tubs done the guards needed repair and modification for the flares. The flares were trial fitted in order to get the correct positioning for the mounting hardware and panel modification.
  20. These photos with the 1/4 panel fitted show the volume of material to be cut away for the new tubs.
  21. The wheel tubs have been modified by manufacturing a new outer tub as per the genuine GTR. Once the flares are bolted on they will easily fit the deep dished Hayashi Racing wheels.
  22. The rust replacement sections have been welded to the 1/4 panels and fit perfectly. Looking awesome. Before - looking nasty.
  23. That's awesome! So much Hako stuff about in general, they are much better in terms of parts than the C110.
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