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  1. check out the intake port size! exhaust port is decent also... loads of carbon build up... currently soaking in petrol to try and break it up a bit.
  2. sadly no. cause that would have topped it! so brief update.. stripped new motor down, Got some spool conrods ready to go in once i get some new ACL bearings for it (wanted OEM but too hard to get) weighing up if i should change pistons to some 2jzgte ones or retain the OEM pistons. 2j pistons fit right in, same pin height and ring land set up, they even take the same rings. however they need machining of the skirts to clear oil squirters and also to recess the valves. Once done and fitted gives around 9.8:1 CR.
  3. at first i thought it was a loose rod bolt... but the big end was still firmly on the crank and the bearings and crank are still good. it looks like a total rod failure. Motor still had OEM sealant on sump. Now on the hunt for a new motor and some stronger rods which i'll put in. not sure if i want to go down the path of forged pistons however
  4. All i can say is wow. Remember this happened at NA power levels...it was around 80rwkw when it happened. Never even got as far as power runs. Fuel. Oil pressure and all systems were mint. Only 50% throttle and yeah...its f**ked
  5. yeah more like grenaded haha. ad to say that the beams motor didnt get anywhere near pulling a power run let alone cracking gate. Was on dyno for an hour or so going through basic fuel map tuning at light load under 3500rpm when it came to a grinding halt. Made a really bad noise and completely seized the motor. Bit of a sad result after all the time and effort. Got sold a dud engine and beginning to think that rod bolts were loose perhaps. Massive thanks to the guys at Garage 7 for their help, patience and support. Gets hoping i can get a motor sorted soon.
  6. well... not a good result seems like i was sold a dud engine...
  7. Yeah was supposed to be last night but we didn't get that far. A stuck thermostat caused over heating
  8. yeah its more or less finished.... just waiting time to get it on the dyno at garage7 to get it tuned! some pics
  9. lag is objective anyway... one persons idea of mega laggy is anothers perfection. if i wanted an easy set up to drive i would have left the 26/30 in it... or worse... ghey LS lol those things drive themselves.
  10. high compression... aiming for lots of exhaust gas flow, plus VVTi, should be interesting to see if its acceptable in terms of lag
  11. been busy lately due to the birth of our first child... however this weekend ive had heaps of free time so i knocked up a manifold!
  12. what is the hot oil pressure reading? your not going to know this with OEM shitty gauge... get yourself an aftermarket one and sus it out. If over all pressure is low or it drops when hot then i'd dare say your bearing clearances are up shit creek
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