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  1. Hey kane, i hope u enjoy the stag as much as i did. I do miss her atm haha. Cheers.
  2. Need car gone. Open to sensible offers!! Cheers
  3. seats are in near perfect condition, only a scuff on the drivers side seat where your hip would be, where u get in and out. was there when i bought it. ever since ive had the car the seat covers have only been taken off maybe 3 times. rear seats hardly get used as well.. cheers jarryd.
  4. its cracked, a rock hit the base of the screen where the wipers are, and it goes into like a U shape. i was doing 100 km/h on the freeway and i was following a truck, and im lucky it didnt hit me in my line of sight. i have dropped the price accordingly, and if the buyer is genuine i may be a little bit more negotiable on price. have been quoted $400 for a new screen. cheers Jarryd.
  5. cheers mate, thanks for the comments. price update: $10,300, with the rego till april next year, NO RWC. it does need a windscreen. for an extra $200 i will throw in the Apexi SITC also for whatever price it sells for, it will come with the stock 16" wheels (no tyres) and the stock muffler. cheers, Jarryd.
  6. Hey guys, car is still for sale no swaps, i am open to reasonable offers tho. cheers jarryd
  7. Mate im still interested in the car. Just waiting for the sale of my car to be finalised. Will keep you posted. Cheers jarryd
  8. ok no worries mate i will be in touch either way., thanks for the info n stuff... cheers.
  9. ok cheers.. will it pass a rwc? i will let u know in the coming days with whats going on.
  10. just a few quick q's... did it need to be engineered with the new motor etc? and whats it like on juice? cheers.
  11. mate, ill be in touch in a couple of days. if all goes well ill be coming to look at it soonish. cheers.
  12. will throw in stock wheels, exhaust and an Apexi SITC with the sale. need the car gone guys, will listen to offers. cheers.
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