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  1. they do check them. they put there hand on it and if it's shit loads hotter than the rest of the exhaust, the cat is working
  2. How much for the Postage for the engine complete engine mounts( metal and rubber) to 5725
  3. Looking for r32 rear disk brake calliper hoses. Just the flexi rubber hoses which screw in to calliper - hard brake line. Looking to pick up this weekend. Prefer northern suburbs but let me know. Cheers Corran
  4. bolt in half cage will allow you down to a 10.0 will need harness also and if over 140mph is chute
  5. i'd didnt bother because half the sellers only buy them from someone else and takes weeks. i'd rather buy direct status- i'd prefer to stick with the tomei because i've been running one for the last 6 years and have reused it 7 times now. Thanks for the help tho
  6. Hey all i'm wondering if any body can help me out with finding a tomei headgasket 88mm by 1.5mm to suit 32 gtr. I,m chasing one asap in australia and dont have time to ring around and wait for emails. So if anybody knows what shops keep them in stock please let me know cheers coz
  7. hi mate, do you still have the harmonic balancer? $100??
  8. wanted brand new or mint, r32 or r33 gtr harmonic balancer Corran 0433 082 998 call sms or pm
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