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  1. Thanks - rang that guy for a quote. Seems reasonable. Yeah I was amazed myself - its an R31 Skyline Passage GT(pillarless!) imported from Japan. Looks exactly like an RB30ET but sits a little lower in the engine bay due to the shorter block! We idealy want to fit an RB25DET but funds wont stretch that far just at the moment
  2. Anybody know of a good head reconditioners around Moorabbin - Cheltenham area. I have a pretty rare RB20ET which the head needs a reco on a tight budget!
  3. Interested to see how this works out, beats taping a stop watch to your steering wheel! Just one question, will it enable the driver to see the lap times as they reel them off or will it just record them trackside?
  4. ...whats this? Ex-president of WRX club, who now drives a VB Commodore defecting to the Skyline club?
  5. I'm pretty sure David (in the 350Z) has footage of that run, I remember using his camera to film a grey Skyline basically drifting the whole course with plenty of applause at the end! Does this sound like it?
  6. Dark, are you planning on posting up all your photos or just taking requests? If your just taking requests then I'm keen for any pics of my car (White GC8 WRX w/ dark grey wheels. Car No. 41) Otherwise I'll wait till you post them all up .....great pics btw
  7. Yeah I was using the 350Z owners camera to film that run, I'll let him know your looking for a copy of the footage Between the two of us we got most of the afternoons skid pan runs on vid camera, I'm sure the footage will get passed on to the relevant SAU members for consideration for the next DVD
  8. Great day guys - excellent work. Was great to have a day of competition that was so laid back and sociable. If it was one of our track days I'd be hunting down lap times all day long, but I didnt even bother to check any times on saturday, was too busy having fun!! Tha Hyundai wagon certainly embarrassed a few people!
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