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  1. annvid at crapalaba, will find out if their work is any good when I get it back...
  2. also head liner falling apart is now common bs with vw junk.. just took it to auto trimmer today, got bored looking at half assed race interior finally
  3. join the yuppie oldfart crew and can't drive manual now?
  4. lol still not bored with vw junk? just did pcv delete plate and gfb dv+ because stupid designed to fail oem parts.
  5. lol I know a few of divorced "Russian brides" in Brisbane if pete wants used goods?
  6. spotted from other whinging forum thread
  7. forever babysitting duty.. watched 2 mins of ADGP on tv, some v8 s15 won.. zzz
  8. I have to wear these ear protection so I don't go deaf from the high pitch baby screaming enjoy your last 5 weeks of freedom
  9. Mike how's the baby or still waiting? don't forget to get this to get through the difficult time http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/Best-Buy-Earmuffs.aspx?pid=2225#Recommendations
  10. number one tour destination suggestion for Mel... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-03/tourists-flock-to-japans-cat-island-aoshima/6278128 'Cat Island': Tourists flock to Japanese island Aoshima, where felines outnumber humans six to one
  11. not good to hear about your 32 Ants... on the other hand, rb in a boat... http://www.jpc.com.au/?p=481
  12. baby seat you say? http://www.ebaymotorsblog.com/wekfest-best-in-class-2003-infiniti-g35-sedan/2003-infiniti-g35-sedan-6mt-8/
  13. spotted heading towards new farm... and the song to go with it...
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