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  1. Turbo-1 manifolds think he makes all of jems manifolds and fab
  2. I had issues with my 6boost last year, ordered a 6boost gt42 manifold for my r32 gtr, my turbo was sitting so high the bonnet wouldn't close rang them up and said they sent just the normal 6boost manifold, guessing for smaller frame turbos, received a second one, exact same issues ended up with a custom turbo-1 manifold in t4 with twin 38mm tial gates that clears everything, AC lines didn't need moving or anything and turbo sits in a good spot
  3. Brakes are not for sale anymore sorry if anything changes will update the post
  4. Gave it a clean and so far so good
  5. Just took It off doesnt look too bad inside will give it a clean and see how it goes later tonight
  6. Good idea will give that a go
  7. Vipec v88 ecu runs factory aac valve under the plenum i should add I have had this setup for 2 years without an issue until now
  8. Hey fellas i got an issue that just arised last week and it's driving me crazy ! car will cold start and idle fine, hot idle is fine but when I'm driving if I down shift and the rpm is over 2000rpm and then pop in neutral it will stay idling at 2000rpm sometimes it might fall back down to 1000rpm after 5seconds or so but most of the time it will stay there until I pump the throttle then it will settle to 1000 if the car is idling and I pump the throttle again it will idle at 2000rpm until I give the throttle a quick jab the it will settle im running a hypertune plenum and 90mm throttle body, gave the throttle body a clean afew days ago and did a tps reset still no change also did a pressure test and seemed good I noticed driveability issues around the 2000rpm like it surges too i spoke to hypertune and they said to send them the throttle body to test (incase shaft seals are leaking, it's only 2 years old) and to rebuild if necessary if anyone has any other ideas I can try that would be great thanks
  9. Precision just released a new turbo model at sema, 7275 gen2, hopefuly start seeing some results shortly
  10. Is that possible
  11. Has anyone solved the need to remove AC belt with the ati 1000hp balancer when racing like with a another external idler bearing or something
  12. Catch can sold innovate wideband sold
  13. Selling my catch can which was made by hypertune (pretty certain I have the invoice from when previous owner had it made) suits r32 Gtr with front facing plenum like hypertune, plazmaman etc -12an fittings -10an drain or return to sump baffled painted black $180 located sydney can post