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  1. Don’t know if this helps but I have seen them on yahoo japan for sale can always bring them in with Jesse streeter etc
  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with mine but while my box is out getting a freshen up and some billet goodies I was thinking of getting the transfer rebuilt have herd you can rebuild them to stock oem spec, full lock race spec and also an “in between” spec can anyone confirm this
  3. Hey guys who in Sydney does transfer case rebuilds and what’s the going rate these day, I can supply genuine plates if need be thanks
  4. Wanted to buy good second hand r32 gtr front lower lip few scratches here and there not an issue may consider new if anyone has aswell PM if you have one can pick up from Sydney
  5. Thinking of possibly selling my HKS Hiper-D DRAG coilovers I have had these in storage for a while, and are in excellent used condition suit R32 GTR/GTS4 located in Sydney but could post for additional cost $1100
  6. Need a r32 gtr power steering pump any decent condition is fine as it will be rebuilt pm me thanks
  7. I never used them but look In amazing used condition as you can tell from the pics I will get back to you by the weekend
  8. Still not sure if I want to sell them but prob around 1200$
  9. Only Got a pic of the rears at the moment will get a pic of fronts tomorow
  10. 6x Bosch 2200cc injectors 1/2 length recently ultrasonicaly cleaned with new seals perfect condition - $300 Spal 16” thermo fan 2000cfm perfect working condition great fan $200 EOI as I’m not sure if I want to sell - HKS drag hiper-d coilovers for 32 gtr excellent condition, front + rear all items located in Sydney and can post if need be
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