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  1. I need to know where the r32 gtr refrigerant temp sensor is can someone please tell me exactly where it is please
  2. He tuned a white 34 gtr with a 3.2 stroker and vcam and the results between it been off and on was amazing
  3. Thankyou 😊 Whens she going on the dyno urious to see that vcam work its magic in the low end !
  4. Must of just missed you I picked up my white 32 gtr that wa sparked outside
  5. I left there around 1/1:30ish
  6. Saw it up at jez today 👍👌
  7. Can always spray abit of holymer on the gaskets before install
  8. My brother inlaw has that Godzilla coil kit in rb26 for about 1 year now 40psi running 0.8mm gap with copper plugs heat range 8
  9. What are your plans for it ?
  10. Looking good mate good progress
  11. I had the same issue ordered a "gt42" 6 boost manifold for my r32 gtr 2.8 stroker and my 7175 didn't clear by miles got sent another one which didn't clear either ended up buying a custom made turbo1 manifold with twin external 38mm wastegates turbo sits perfect now between turbo and bonnet, turbo and strut tower and most importantly clears AC lines
  12. I got the ard 150amp alternator also and it's working mint ! dont see voltage drop below 14v even with twin pumps and thermo going at night with headlights on awesome product for the price
  13. And where did u purchase them from ?
  14. Would you say they are better then the 044 in terms of flow ? sometimes I don't know weather I should believe all the flow charts manufacturers through out there so would rather hard evidence like urself thanks
  15. Anyone seen or used the new (ish) AEM 380lph inline fuel pump ? looks to be a direct replacement of the Bosch 044 but flows more everywhere !