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  1. Perfect exactly what I wanted to hear thanms
  2. Weapon X coil packs with M&W pro16b Guys I currently have an M&W pro16b CDI unit powering denso CDI pencil coils, coils are getting tired so instead of buying the same replacement denso coils, I've been told to get the weapon x equivelant coils these are direct plug and play for my setup, coil over plug, and more powerful im just abit confused as to which coil type I should order... im guessing the XCOP- CDI coil is the one I need, but I'm not 100% sure what's an INDUCTIVE coil ? What's the difference between the 2 and which one will work best for ultimate performance with the M&W pro16b CDI module thanks
  3. I was just reading the comments to that post had a good laugh lol
  4. ARC is wayyyyy over priced found a second hand one ex Japan 600x300x110mm $3600 +shipping etc pretty certain the new cores out today are better (and cheaper)
  5. Where did you find the wheels im after a set like these !
  6. Plazmaman also has a sheet metal end tank option which is even higher flowing for the 100mm comp series core
  7. Well you were right...hypertune never bothered to get back to me so I'm not gonna bother with them leaning towards the plazmaman 100mm comp series cooler, seems to be proven on a lot of big powered gtrs
  8. EOI Gtr HKS type r 100mm intercooler Thinking of selling my hks type r 100mm intercooler to upgrade to a 710mm core or a plazmaman intercooler etc good condition, no leaks, usual wear and tear but in overall good condition has HKS logo painted on the front $900 can assist in shipping or pickup in Sydney ok pucks to come soon as I'm currently away
  9. Ok I found my leak the rubber hose coming off the compressor and goes to the front of the car, had 2 pin hole leaks, I removed bother bibber hoses, the other goes from compressor to firewall and have pirtek install new hoses on the fittings aswell as fire sleeve to protect it from the heat
  10. Ok so had my AC regassed Afew months ago and was working good except for the blend door motor issue last month or so started blowing warm airso I got a brand new blend door motor through Nissan, put that in, and still blows warm air, did the diagnostic test and came back with no errors and all the sensors read fine compressor still engages if I turn it on but only warm air comes out, I suspect it's leaking somewhere even though I put brand new Nissan AC o rings at all the joins he has put a die in the gas, would it visible to the naked eye where the leak could be ? All the johns look good dunno if it's the condensor/ac compressor/evaporator box under the dash ? any input or help would be great thanks