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  1. My mate will have his albins going in his 32 gtr next week was ordered through Hypertune and is direct fit his making 950kw behind a PMC built billet block 2.8 afew other mates also running samsonas
  2. Will consider tein super streets aswell
  3. After a realy good condition set of coilovers for my r32 gtr brands like BC, Blitz etc don’t want super stiff spring rates as they will be used on the street and roll racing/ drags etc show me what you got before I buy new lol
  4. Selling on behalf of a mate who is now going full motec m150 setup
  5. Link g4+ fury ecu for sale only afew months old, Comes in box with tuning cable, ecu mount and quick start guide and stickers $1600 can post Australia wide or pickup from Sydney
  6. Thanks for that info mate appreciate it
  7. How long did you wait till you received it ? herd OS gearbox parts take months if not years to make...
  8. Thanks rhdjapan says in stock but I know others who have ordered os giken parts and wait many many months if not years for them
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