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  1. What size is the bottom end ? 2.6 or stroker ?
  2. 8500rpm launch and its bogging is abit strange to me should be blazing tyres once ur off the clutch sorry don't know what it could be
  3. Gtr plazmaman intercooler Selling a plazmaman 76mm intercooler to suit r32/33/34 gtrs raw finish with plazmaman logo sprayed on the front excellent used condition, about 1 year old has made 555kw at the wheels $750 located Sydney
  4. Not too sure honestly i would assume vband flange to only be afew mm difference possibly willing to separate
  5. I honestly don't believe that those hks parts will fail with that sort of power, of coarse if it is built correctly
  6. EOI rb26 greddy manifold + precision wastegate Might be selling my manifold and wastegate setup from my r32 gtr rb26 greddy/trust t78/88 t4 divided manifold, has been ceramic coated and comes with a custom made bracket that bolts to block to the t4 flange to support the weight of the turbo - excellent condition also had the old greddy wastegate removed and a brand new precision turbo 48mm wastegate installed, still have the box with springs and manual etc setup has seen 645kw at 34psi $900 for both still on the car running, if I have a buyer item can be removed thanks
  7. I run that kit making 650kw no issues and I know of afew other big Gtr's pushing over 1000hp with the same kit
  8. Custom exhaust manifolds Is anyone on here able to make custom exhaust manifold to suit rb26 ? if not, any recommendations to someone who does a good job? Preferably in Sydney ? would prefer stainless steam pipe with a billet or cast merge collector and be true T4 split pulse can supply full details through PM thanks
  9. Raw finish has Plazmaman template sprayed on the front