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  1. Thanks Priced for a quick swift sale 😀
  2. GTR Rb26 6boost T4 divided exhaust manifold with EGT ports on each runner and ceramic coated black 2000kms old setup GFB 50mm gate with 50mm screamer pipe made from stainless steel Clears AC compressor excellent used condition $1500 can post Australia wide
  3. Have a pair of Tomei procams super high/high lift camshafts for sale will double check part numbers but certain they are 270x10.8 IN 280x11.5 EX 30mm base circle excellent used condition, car has made over 900hp wheels easy again they are still on the car and will be removed in afew weeks time $600 pick up from Sydney or can post Australia wide will accept deposit to hold them for first serious buyer thanks
  4. Hello I have for sale: * rb26 Hypertune intake manifold *hypertune 90mm throttle body *accelerator cable to suit GTR *haltech TPS *nissan rb26 AAC valve Hypertune manifold and throttle body only 2 years old, very good condition, very tiny small marks not realy visible excellent overall condition. Still on the car will be removed over the Christmas break pick up from Sydney or can post Australia wide Will accept deposit to first serious buyer to hold it for them till it’s removed $1300
  5. SiR_RB

    I’ve got friends with old stock n1 blocks pushing 1000+hp at wheels and backed it up at the track with ET and MPH without any issues plenty people making huge power with n1 blocks.....haven’t seen much about the new batch first hand though
  6. Precision time 😋☝️
  7. SiR_RB

    I think to get the most out of the 6466 u would need e85 6870 with correct size rear should make easy power with lower boost on 98 and reach your goals
  8. Looking good mate good progress Keep the pics coming
  9. SiR_RB

    I say if your going to the effort of building again just do the brace for piece of mind will keep everything ridgid and stop block twist, even though it will be grout filled I would still do it and be done ✅