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  1. Got a old type (proberbly 12 years old) N1 block - 24U one of the best early types strength wise. 87mm bores with some light scoring, can go slightly over size custom pistons or sleeve it comes with matching girdle and Tomei main studs freight aus wide can organized $2500
  2. I’m after r32 Gtr power steering lines, I’m good condition undamaged condition with no leaks need the lime that goes from reservoir tank to tank, and if you have the power steerpump to rack line i will grab that too pm me what you got thanks
  3. I run the factory mesh with my 100mm plazma cooler IAT are perfect even when racing
  4. Near 700kw at wheels with my Gtr with 100mm plazmaman cooler,
  5. The part numbers on these super streets are different to the one you posted above still 5/4kg spring rates ?
  6. Hello can anyone confirm spring rates for the Tein superstreet coilovers for r32 Gtr please I couldn’t find any info on them
  7. Unplug the harness from the big 2 connectors near washer bottle and feed it inside your guard yes it fits as I have done mine and my mates cars far more cleaner, uncluttered and protects it from the heat
  8. Been sooooo long ago now can’t remmeber how we fixed the issue haha
  9. After a great condition set of ikeya formula front camber arms in -5mm size to suit r32 Gtr pm me if you have any otherwise I will resort to buying new from rhdjapan thanks
  10. One other thing does anyone know which wheel nuts suit 33 Gtr wheels seems like they have are tapered where the nut goes
  11. Hey guys I’m having a hard time finding out what size hub ring will suit factory r33 Gtr wheels can anyone please help
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