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  1. After installing an r3c recently in my Gtr make sure u use the correct length bearing carrier as the clutch is “thinner” and needs a long bearing carrier mine was around 27mm long if I recall where as most other clutches require a 14ish mm carrier
  2. As a guess I would say arp2000 specs should be fine mate if you can’t find solid info on them
  3. Yup in for this bringing wife and kid too
  4. Hey fellas whats the biggest front brake kit someone has used with r33 Gtr stock rims would they clear 350mm brakes ? Or are the brembo 324mm the largest you can go thanks
  5. I borrowed the proper size socket for it from a mate and it came off easy off the top of my head it was a 3” socket
  6. One way to find out ! go the drags and run a time and mph
  7. So I found the issue my pressure sensor next to nitrogen canister had a cut wire, that’s why the attesa ecu wouldn’t turn the pump on as it thiught it had max line pressure all fixed now and also installed a new nitrogen canister, and full bleed with Nissan matic d all I can say is 4wd has never worked so well before !!
  8. Tried a mates known working attesa ecu and relay still nothing
  9. Hi fellas My cars been off the road for about 4/5weeks as I broke my gearbox selector so gearbox was getting refreshed while I was waiting for it to come back I looked into removing and replacing the nitrogen canister, while I was unscrewing it I noticed it unscrewed in half ! I never knew they were a 2 piece item, anyways the other bit that screws into the attesa pump assembly was super tight so I put it back together now that the box is back in I went to bleed the attesa system with fresh Nissan matic d, and I can’t get the pump to prime ! ive disconnected the white plug in drivers kick panel, cracked the bleed nipple on both the pump and near transfer case and it basically just dribbles out without the pump working no error codes on attesa ecu I started the car and jumped under and cracked the nipple still no luck fuses are good i by passed the attesa relay in the boot and the pump worked fine for 10 seconds but then started making a different high pitched squeel while the pump was going I jumped under and still nothing from bleed nipples can anyone shed some light on what I can do next did me separating the nitrogen canister cause this issue as it was working fine before it came off the road ? i got a known working attesa ecu and relay from a mates Gtr I will try tomorow and report back any help would be much appreciated !!
  10. Got a set of ARP L19 head studs, torqued down once, in perfect condition suit rb26 $300 can post aus wide or pickup in Sydney
  11. Hit up aftermarket industries in Sydney they have the real deal