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  1. Good write up thanks for the info also midori has a race spec version which is more aggressive then the normal midori one so if your transfer case if in perfect working order these would be a worthwhile upgrade...more so if your current g sensor is stuffed, may aswell upgrade to a digital version over another old stock one
  2. Yes exactly my thoughts must be better then the factory analogue ones ! just curious to hear some feedback, other wise il end up buying one and report back how it goes haha
  3. Gtr digital G-sensors I'm looking at upgrading my g sensor for a new digital g sensor has anyone used the midori/do-luck/Tarzan digital g sensors ? what do you think of them ? Worth while upgrade ? Are they Realy much of an improvement over the stock analoge sensors ? feedback would be much appreciated before I make a purchase ps. What's the difference between the normal street version and race model ?
  4. Mine came off with radiator in mate just undo from compressor and undo the bolt in the front from condensor
  5. Those wheels !!!!^^^^^
  6. I decided to get a plazmaman 100mm comp series made locally, reasonably priced and rated to 1400hp
  7. Perfect exactly what I wanted to hear thanms
  8. Weapon X coil packs with M&W pro16b Guys I currently have an M&W pro16b CDI unit powering denso CDI pencil coils, coils are getting tired so instead of buying the same replacement denso coils, I've been told to get the weapon x equivelant coils these are direct plug and play for my setup, coil over plug, and more powerful im just abit confused as to which coil type I should order... im guessing the XCOP- CDI coil is the one I need, but I'm not 100% sure what's an INDUCTIVE coil ? What's the difference between the 2 and which one will work best for ultimate performance with the M&W pro16b CDI module thanks
  9. I was just reading the comments to that post had a good laugh lol
  10. ARC is wayyyyy over priced found a second hand one ex Japan 600x300x110mm $3600 +shipping etc pretty certain the new cores out today are better (and cheaper)
  11. Where did you find the wheels im after a set like these !
  12. Plazmaman also has a sheet metal end tank option which is even higher flowing for the 100mm comp series core