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  1. After a great condition set of ikeya formula front camber arms in -5mm size to suit r32 Gtr pm me if you have any otherwise I will resort to buying new from rhdjapan thanks
  2. One other thing does anyone know which wheel nuts suit 33 Gtr wheels seems like they have are tapered where the nut goes
  3. Oh that’s great to know cheers !!
  4. Hey guys I’m having a hard time finding out what size hub ring will suit factory r33 Gtr wheels can anyone please help
  5. Bumping thread from ages ago but does anyone know any calculators to determine spring rates entering the spring information ?
  6. Pair of r32 Gtr rear sumitomo calipers with brake lines project mu pads still heaps of meat prob 80% life rear discs $280 BM50 r32 Gtr master cylinder in excellent condition from genuine low km gtr $100
  7. Price drop $4800 Free shipping AUS wide
  8. SiR_RB

    Found a pair thanks
  9. SiR_RB

    Great to see things moving along mate keep us updated with how it all turns out 👌
  10. Just confirmed my r32 Gtr lines do for the 33 Gtr brembo rear caliper thanks
  11. I have my eyes on another set of wheels so I’m putting my set of volk te37’s up for sale these are still on the car and won’t be removed for afew weeks yet, specs are: volk te37’s in 18x9.5 +12 square set rays valve caps red volk racing decals in red have been painted gloss black about 2 years ago and are in very very good condition will be sold with no tyres as i will keep my current Toyo R888R tyres $2500 located in Sydney
  12. Haltech elite 2500 with patch harness for r32 gtr *I/o expander box *Canhub 6port *Wb1 wideband with sensor *Tc4 and tc2 boxes for egt sensors but no egts as ill need them *Haltech iq3 race dash All wiring, can plugs etc to set car up and engine loom out of low km 94 model r32 that has been modified for hioctane trigger system,2400cc injectors,Oil/fuel pressure sensors ,5bar mapsensor,4port solenoid. sensors arent included just engine loom with patch harness And everything else an engine loom runs is still there also has flex sensor and wiring for flex sensor and everything else you need for a big rb build In perfect running condition only done 2000kms changing paths in the build need them sold asap the m/w cdi in pictures is not part of package located sydney $5300
  13. Hey guys I’m going change from my stock r32 Gtr rear brake calipers to r33 Gtr brembo rear calipers I currently have braided brake lines, I’m wondering if they fit the brembo rear caliper? are r32 and r33 Gtr rear brake lines the same ?