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  1. Raw finish has Plazmaman template sprayed on the front
  2. Work xd9 18x10 +18 matte black with centre caps and 265/35/18 nitto invo Tyres (have camber wear) $1900
  3. Also got a brand new precision 6870 1.15 rear housing ceramic coated $400
  4. GTR parts, precision turbo, plazmaman, etc etc Garage sale all parts must go precision 6466 1.00 rear, comp cover and rear housing ceramic coated black, 1000kms old, comes with oil and drain lines $2600 plazmaman 76mm Gtr intercooler very good condition, always used with front bar mesh $800 xforce 3.5" inlet/straight through cannon with 4.5" tip, comes with hanger to suit r32 gtr $150 denso CDI pencil coils perfect working order $300 r32 Gtr cusco ? Rear toe arms excellent condition $100 r32 Gtr gearbox, was told that it had a standard rebuild before purchasing car, perfect condition no crunches $800 Rb26 crank angle sensor, painted black good condition $100 bosch 044 pump, genuine, good condition $80
  5. Il be there with mrs and baby got Afew mates in gtrs coming also
  6. Good write up thanks for the info also midori has a race spec version which is more aggressive then the normal midori one so if your transfer case if in perfect working order these would be a worthwhile upgrade...more so if your current g sensor is stuffed, may aswell upgrade to a digital version over another old stock one
  7. Yes exactly my thoughts must be better then the factory analogue ones ! just curious to hear some feedback, other wise il end up buying one and report back how it goes haha
  8. Gtr digital G-sensors I'm looking at upgrading my g sensor for a new digital g sensor has anyone used the midori/do-luck/Tarzan digital g sensors ? what do you think of them ? Worth while upgrade ? Are they Realy much of an improvement over the stock analoge sensors ? feedback would be much appreciated before I make a purchase ps. What's the difference between the normal street version and race model ?
  9. Mine came off with radiator in mate just undo from compressor and undo the bolt in the front from condensor
  10. Those wheels !!!!^^^^^
  11. I decided to get a plazmaman 100mm comp series made locally, reasonably priced and rated to 1400hp