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  1. Selling my front driveshafts r32/r33 GTR 3 years old since new, very low kms perfect condition selling as I’m going billet shafts now located Sydney but can post if required $500
  2. Canton accusump 3qt version with manual valve, pressure gauge and -10 earls braided hose + fittings $380 AES custom muffler, hangers to suit r32 GTR but easy to cut off and put new hangers, will confirm size but off the top of my head 18” long 7” round and 4” STRAIGHT through zero step downs and restrictions, few thousand Kms old in mint condition $450 HEL braided front brake lines r32/33 GTR brand new $100 r32/33/34 GTR front drive shafts/axels currently getting rebuilt with new boots + grease etc $400 pair all items located in Sydney can post aus wide
  3. beautiful mate love ur work keep the posts coming
  4. Turbo sold gonna try a 7275 with either 0.98 divided rear or stay with another 1.12 anyone used this turbo before or seen or seen any results ?
  5. Might also consider selling my HKS 2.8 step 2 crank fully machined, linished, balanced, crack tested etc all ready to go $1800
  6. New updated list with lower prices etc Got a old type (proberbly 12 years old) N1 block - 24U one of the best early types strength wise. 87mm bores with some light scoring, can go slightly over size custom pistons or sleeve it  comes with matching girdle and Tomei main studs $2000 Precision turbo 7175 gt42 with 1.12 t4 divided rear excellent condition ceramic coated rear housing 5” aluminum intake pipe 5” k&n pod filter 5” turbo guard plazmaman plazmaclamp on outlet made 689kw at 35ish psi at jez on a 2.8 $2600 Plazmaman rb26 fuel rail black twin -6 inlets and -8 return $180 can post Australia wide for all items
  7. Might be selling my 7175 precision if anyone interested shoot me a pm
  8. Considering selling my precision 7175 turbo with gt42 front cover 1.12 T4 divided rear housing ceramic coated 5” alloy intake pipe with k&n pod filter plazmaclamp on outlet great condition zero issues making 689kw at 35/33psi $3000
  9. Not cracked changing direction with build might go billet undecided as of yet
  10. Plazmaman billet rb26 fuel rail - Black direct bolt on, twin -6 feeds and -8 return fittings included and also mounting bolts Have 2x -6 90degree AN fittings I can include for supply lines will get photos today $200 can post aus wide
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