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  1. Hey guys after a set of front r35 gtr brake disc hats or if anyone has a complete set of oem discs with hats let me know thanks
  2. Hypertune fuel rail suits Rb26, 14mm only about a year old, anodized black $250 r32 gtr power steering pump, perfect condition, only removed as I went 33 pump $250 located Sydney, willing to post thanks
  3. I’ve seen a stock block with stock head studs cracked around the bolt holes aswell
  4. Herd some of those 23u rb25 blocks are bettter then 26 blocks in terms of strength and thickness etc
  5. platinum racing products (PRP) r35 coil kit complete for rb20, rb25, rb26 black anodized bracket, minimal use and in perfect condition, paid around $1300 asking $1000 posted anywhere in aus
  6. Awesome work, you guys are pumping it how much longer till she’s started and driving
  7. Any updates mate loving the progress so far !
  8. That looks sick man what’s the paint code, I may of missed it still gotta organise a meet/drive one day lol
  9. Paint job looking good bro what are ur power goals with the new engine build ?
  10. Just seeing if anyone has any injector dynamics ID2000 or Siemens 2400 injectors for sale pm me thanks
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