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  1. Mine should be hitting the dyno next week hopefully previous tune was 645kw at 34psi with a 7175 gt42 on a hks 2.8 few changes since last tune such as 100mm plazmaman cooler and turbo1 custom twin scroll manifold with twin 38mm tial gates, should come on nicer now then it did with the old greddy stainless manifold
  2. Can't fit coil pack cover on with the weapon x coils as they are much taller then the denso/Honda cbr CDI coils
  3. My brother inlaw has a set of r34 gtr greddy/grex 264 cams for sale if anyone interested he made 550kw with them no issues
  4. Love ur work mate what brand are the led headlight globes
  5. 6boost rb26 t4 manifold - BRAND NEW Selling my brand new 6boost manifold to suit rb26 t4 flange with 50mm divided wastegate and already has 50mm vband flange welded on need sold asap $1000 located in Sydney
  6. Hahahha common mate we just wanna see results.... 6870 would of been nice on this engine 😁😁😁😁😁😛😛😛😛😛
  7. The efr boys out in full force tonight 😛🤣
  8. Needs more precision turbo
  9. I was using Penrith racing 10 tenths 15-50 seemed fine to me, no issues on e85 have since changed to motul 6100 15-50 And haven't noticed a difference realy both good in my opinion
  10. Work xd9 wheels sold gearbox sold xforce muffler sold
  11. What size is the bottom end ? 2.6 or stroker ?