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  1. I’ve been running a par 1-4 straight cut syncro box with stock 5th for around 4years cars never seen less then 620kw, max was 690kw mad gearboxes for street use and racing I did smash a selector at the drags once but I’ve got billet ones in there now afew other mates are running the same gear seats with power from 550kw to 600kw again no issues another mate is running their full dog gear set with bigger input etc thats in their 2.8 billet block engine with nos getting tuned next week is anyone needs sams number im more then happy to pass it on if your keen on talking/buying a gearset from him
  2. Thanks for that ! i want to change to the NISMO lower a arms so don’t need to remove the hubs
  3. Hey guys I’m just wondering, can the rear lower A arms in an r32 GTR be removed without the need to remove the driveshafts the ball joint nut on the arms is directly under the driveshaft boot and looks very close, or can it be removed with the help of a ball joint splitter ? thanks
  4. If anyone is selling their precision let me know please after something from 6875 to 7675 in size T4 rear thanks
  5. If anyone is selling or thing of selling their precision turbo in the following sizes please let me know.. precision 6875 or 7175 or 7275 might consider 7675 t4 rear housing 1.00 and larger rear thanks
  6. High compression 2.8 with cnc ported head
  7. Anyone got any results from the newish 7275 or 6875 turbos yet? or do I have to be a first and report how it goes lol
  8. Awesome thanks for that fellas do you think pre heating it with a heat gun and then bending will help ?
  9. I’ve got one egt sensor which is slightly touching my dump pipe where it exists the turbo, can i I bend it out of the way just a tiny bit ? i only wanna move it like 5mm, and considering they are long and skinny I can’t see any issue in doing so as the actual sensor is on the very tip exposed in the runner so it shouldn’t damage it ? any advice would be much appreciated
  10. I noticed the new 7275 and 6875 doesn’t have a T4 divided rear option only Vband rear and T4 open can anyone see any issue with running a twin scroll T4 divided manifold with twin gates into an open T4 rear ?
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