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  1. Johnny hooked me up with a plazmaman 100mm comp series 660kw so far no issues 😀
  2. Got a custom made aluminium 5" intake pipe with large K&N pod filter suits 5" intake turbos like 7 series precision and gt42 and bigger etc will post pic tomorow $250 located Sydney but can post Australia wide
  3. Got a set of ARP L19 head studs, torqued once, in good condition $350 picl up from Sydney or can post Australia wide will post pics tomorow
  4. Those engine mounts look good motor in yet ?
  5. That's for fronts I wanna know about the rears
  6. Can anyone confirm first hand that r34 gtr rear brembos are a direct fit on an r32 gtr ? i have the chance to buy some for r32 gtr but I'm getting mixed answers, some say direct fit some say won't fit (I'm assuming by they won't fit they mean bolt pattern is different) please help me before I buy them thanks
  7. That's correct tuned at jez and ran 140mph 😊 About 448kw at 24psi
  8. Turbo-1 manifolds think he makes all of jems manifolds and fab
  9. I had issues with my 6boost last year, ordered a 6boost gt42 manifold for my r32 gtr, my turbo was sitting so high the bonnet wouldn't close rang them up and said they sent just the normal 6boost manifold, guessing for smaller frame turbos, received a second one, exact same issues ended up with a custom turbo-1 manifold in t4 with twin 38mm tial gates that clears everything, AC lines didn't need moving or anything and turbo sits in a good spot
  10. Brakes are not for sale anymore sorry if anything changes will update the post
  11. Gave it a clean and so far so good
  12. Just took It off doesnt look too bad inside will give it a clean and see how it goes later tonight