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  1. Looking good mate good progress Keep the pics coming
  2. SiR_RB

    I say if your going to the effort of building again just do the brace for piece of mind will keep everything ridgid and stop block twist, even though it will be grout filled I would still do it and be done ✅
  3. SiR_RB

    Been using dvs tuning for over 6 years cant recommend him highly enough 👌
  4. SiR_RB

    Wow what a hassle with the box !! glad it’s in good hands now and getting sorted
  5. SiR_RB

    Perfect thanks !
  6. SiR_RB

    Thanks what weight would be recommended around a 75-90 or 90-140 ?
  7. Hey guys what is the recommended oil to use in a quaiffe front Gtr diff please can’t find any solid info anywhere thanks
  8. SiR_RB

    What engine oil are u guys running with 1000hp + engines out of curiosity ?
  9. Perfect ! Afew afew drives you will master it, and take a shit load of abuse !
  10. Yep I got the correct one from otomoto Usually stocks them all here in aus
  11. After installing an r3c recently in my Gtr make sure u use the correct length bearing carrier as the clutch is “thinner” and needs a long bearing carrier mine was around 27mm long if I recall where as most other clutches require a 14ish mm carrier
  12. As a guess I would say arp2000 specs should be fine mate if you can’t find solid info on them
  13. Yup in for this bringing wife and kid too
  14. Hey fellas whats the biggest front brake kit someone has used with r33 Gtr stock rims would they clear 350mm brakes ? Or are the brembo 324mm the largest you can go thanks