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  1. are any of you guys experiencing the crash to desktop problem? it happens to me after every single match I've uninstalled the game, re-installed with new 7.4 setup, it does it with mods, without mods, tried lowering graphics settings... nothing works
  2. How does the T29 go? I managed to grind through the Jumbo Sherman and the M6 and got the T29 while it was still half price but haven't played it yet.
  3. nice! is that with pubs? my win rate in pubs has been slowly but consistently dropping over this week... bad case of nerd rage last night lol
  4. yeah my ping is usually around 280-290, saturday was it about 330-350 with big spikes but Sunday was much better, down to 260-280
  5. hey guys, been playing WoT too, I'm Nexus96 really enjoying my Pershing at the moment and just unlocked the Tiger II anyone else getting higher ping vales than usual?
  6. If you use RainX I woudn't even bother with washer fluid additive, and like chuckie said, with RainX you can almost get away without wipers, it just beads and rolls off with any amount of speed I find that RainX with silicone balde is awesome. I think the silicone blades were like $18 from Supercrap
  7. Rain X + silicone wiper blades = win
  8. yes, and pressing the brake pedal drains any residual power from the ECU
  9. do you have the rubber stoppers for the bonnet in good condition? these things
  10. bitch deserves a bullet, and the turd videoing the heinous act, not a big caliber, just a .22 in the ear, no mess but does the job no wonder i have more respect for animals than a people these days +1
  11. I've used Proxes T1-Rs and i think they are a great street tyre, loads of grip in wet or dry
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