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  1. i just had a quick look and says you are not required to get a approval for stabilizer bars which also known as strut braces am i right??
  2. ohh yeahhh, well my car was about 90 when i measured at the lowest point. i didnt bother getting it through the pits as i just dont have the time to with work and all so i have now de licensed the car. i had a plan to do some major work to the car once my shed was up and running but this yellow just forced me to now go figures they have a booze bus to get drunk drivers but decide to defect my car. as for the factory strut brace, you just have to find a way to prove it came like that factory. i once got told to put my air bagged steering wheel back on and i said the car never came with one factory, and the way i proved it was going to nissan and getting a print out of the steering assy. also im pretty sure that suspension mods dont require a permit i read on the website
  3. hey there peeps, i got yellowed last thursday by a booz bus at 10:30 in the morning at carousel got done for rims too wide (outta gaurds) and too low which yeahh i cant argue with but making me scrap up the curve was a bit rude. popped the bonnet, the usual pods filters not aloud, me wait i have permits and dont need them for filters (i got my rb26 conversion engineered), ohhh really is it still valid.....huh what so showed him and he still wasnt sure now for the serious part.....the rear number plate, telling me next time he see my rear number plate bent im gonna get fined $1000 and it should be flat so cameras can see, you can clearly see my number plate and i have been done by a camera before. anyways for what i have seen just about all skylines, silvias have had to bend their rear number plates to fit and my question is has anyone else had this said to them or had a problem or is this cop trying to make me shit my pants? this is my first sticker in the last 6 years, has the process,prices or rules changed at all? i am just thinking to deregistering my car cause of the cost this might end up, if i got more things to fix, and i have been told that there is no more pits that you take it to a workshop now for an inspection cheers peeps
  4. hey there fellas i just had my slab put down, now was thinking for doing a epoxy coating, is the bunnings brand good enough or would some other brand would be better
  5. pretty much similar to what i was thinking, and what you mean by pre-wiring is that you have all wiring laid out to where you would have it and the sparky just connects everything, am i right??? how did you run the cables into the shed, i was thinking of something like having some conduit through my slab then underground
  6. alright, shed has gone through council and i will be putting the slab down in a couple of weeks, as this is on a vacant block (not building a house yet) anyone have an idea on how much it would cost to get power hooked up? and any tips on wiring for the shed?
  7. everything is fine up front, its just when i checked the rear, tie rods had play on the ball joint
  8. Im running federals 595 up front and duruns at rear. I have had this problem with 2 of my other sets of wheels. But i will try get the rears balanced and see if that makes an improvement. Also when i get time prob install my emliminator kit as im running a lock bar right now but tie rod ball joint is shot
  9. hey there peeps, i am stumped at finding where this problem is, i get this small shaking in the steering wheel at about 100km/h but the thing is sometimes goes away i think when taking a slight bend but not 100% sure the thing i have done so far is, balanced front wheels, i have check for any play on the front end, all good there and i also have put in hub centric rings too i have notice a bit of play in my rear end seem the tie rod ends at the rear are shot but will i wouldnt think that would cause the steering shake at the front or would it?
  10. hey there peeps, i am after some 32 GTR rear seats i guess they can be a bit faded as i plan on a retrim thanks
  11. there is quite a few of us with our cars off the road for a while either, tracking the car now or building it better which take decades haha.
  12. yeahh i was dreading the idea it would take a lot longer if i was going to do it and stuff up. thanks for the for giving me the idea in only having half the slab 200mm i may do the same just have the area i will have the hoist 200mm
  13. i was also thinking of putting it up myself, but i would have to go through council approval and would require a licenced builder to put it up
  14. HAPP???? this in WA?
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