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  1. Do you have indicator stalk if so can you sms me how much on 0421334259 and where abouts in syd you are, im from wollongong could probably pick it up.
  2. what is the part numbe for the drivers side power window button, and how much if its the right one?
  3. ive got a turbosmart fuel cut defender in my r33 aswell and it still cuts out, i think the only wayaround it is to get an after market computer and that way there are no fuel cut or speed cut to worry about, the only thing is having the cash to get it dyno tuned and the computer mapped.
  4. I was wondering if there where any sau members in the illawarra so we can maybe get a cruise happening one day. I first found out about sau at Blackbutt reserve on a cruise day and decided to join, but i havnt heard of any cruises going on down this way.
  5. hows it goin, im alexr33, ive got an r33 gtst with quite a few mods done to it including full 3 inch exh with high flow cat, upgraded turbo, splitfire coils, k & n filter, heavy duty clutch, huge front mount cooler, running 18 pounds just to mention a few and im only getting 225 to 275 ks out of 3/4 of a tank, depending on how i drive of course. But when i got it, it was standard and i only got about 350 ks, so the more mods you do, the more feul she sucks.
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