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  1. Does anybody know of any other model Nissan that uses the same window reg. bushes??
  2. We had been having trouble with window alignment of the left rear door window glass in our S2 for a while. Recently i had the door to a point where i could make some minor adjustments and then i found the alingment problem for our car. I found that there is a small white plastic bush that slides in the glass runner, which the regulator arms are mounted to via a little metal balljoint. I found that plastic bush was split in half and allowing the glass to lay back. I have been into Nissan and i was told that i can't even buy a new complete regulator. Has anybody found this same problem and be willing to share a solution. Cheers, Jason.
  3. Voted!!! I miss racing at symons V8 rounds. It would be a cold day for Tassie the day the gov. can't see the value it provides to our state. Open your eyes Lara, V8 supercars is broadcast around the world!!!!
  4. skidkid

    Wrecking S1 R33

    G'day. Would you sell rear calipers & pads only with soft lines and fittings from hard lines? $$?
  5. Can anybody quote the tranny filter kit number for a Stagea S2? I think I have found a kit locally but would pay if I can find another S2 owner that can quote numbers.
  6. skidkid


    Our RX2 is a yellow 4door. Just watched some good footage on youtube, powercruise 28 & pics on facebook, taswheels.
  7. skidkid


    Nothing anygood! Bugger!!!!!! The cost starts from here!!
  8. skidkid


    I got my RX2 to powercruise for the first time. Me and the wife where not vary happy that there was no dyno but fun was had anyway. It was the first time out since I got the combo together. Stolked with power and running temps over the hole weekend. Only problem, I broke engine and turbo in the last cruise!!!! Wife and daughter not happy! Hope to get engine out this weekend to see if there is anything left??? If Gup has a dyno and he also brings the HQ I recon I will enter my car again next year. Had a ball!
  9. skidkid


    Not enough time for RX2 test at symons and drags before christmas. I am in the process of setting up suspension and brakes up for powercruise as we talk (daylight hours, before to much beer!!) Very keen for some skids!!!!!!!!!! May be a S6 RX7 in tow, smoken em as one can!!!! Show your rotor HP!!!! Happy boostn!
  10. A chick that drivers an r34!!! Don't feel silly to ask Q's!!
  11. skidkid


    Being a retired 2E clubcar, now toy it has been a slow ongoing passion over the last 4 or so years. I have only ran it at symons 2 times in the last 3 years on test days and broke a turbo each time. In the last 12 months I have worked hard and spent money on quality bits!!! I am vary happy with the power it made on the dyno but that was just to get a tune in it!!!! Next job is fitting a boost controller. I am wanting to have a test at symons and a run at the drags before christmas. 12yrs ago it ran a 64 sec on a carb around symons and 2yrs ago it ran 12.6 1/4 mile with a little to4. Hoping to inprove on both times!!!! Then have fun at power cruise if I am able to enter!! I love skids!!!!!
  12. skidkid


    I have never been to p/cruise. My RX2 13bt ran up 314kw a few days ago. Been a long time coming. It has no rego but I hope I can enter! The 'oldgirl' has done a few laps around symonds in a past life!
  13. Spotted our wagon with new slotted rotors allround along with new pads, thanks to me and Scotty. Also spotted pipster tonight lookn like his wagon has a big dent in RHS front door. Costly!!
  14. Has anybody bought Bilstien shocks or similar to suit their S2 Stagea recently? Needing a full set for ours!!
  15. Finished fitting new slotted rotors allround along with new pads today. Will bleed brakes asap. Old disc and pads up for grabs if needed.
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