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  1. Morning all. We run a racecar with GTR offset wheels and are looking for a couple of sets to replace the chinesium wheels currently used. Does anyone have any recommendations of wheel brands that can take some motorsport use without cracking or flogging out? They don't need to be all that lightweight, but cost and strength are important. Cheers, Troy
  2. Thanks Geoff, this is what happens when the webpage designer isn't given the exact information (or none at all) and they decide to think for themselves. The idler will fit OEM power steering pump brackets for RB20, RB25, RB26 (and i thought RB30 but will confirm) as well as any brackets that we've manufactured. As for the PS relocation kit, I'll get some info added to the site to save future confusion. Feel free to PM me or call the shop if you want more info. Troy
  3. Just to clear this up GeeDog, I work for Ross Performance as a machinist and in tech support. That power steering relocation bracket is designed for use when a customer needs to use one of our 1000hp Race Series Harmonic Dampers and also retain AC (without flicking belts off as soon as you hit boost). It is used in conjunction with the rest of this kit to space the PS and AC units forward 25.4mm for their new belt path. https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-air-conditioner-relocation-kit/ Perhaps this would help fix your problem? https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-power-steering-idler-assembly-to-suit-serpentine-belt/ Troy
  4. Ross Performance have a kit which allows the use of a 1000+hp triggered damper, without losing AC. Plus you can have the trigger wheel cut to whatever flavour you like. https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-air-conditioner-relocation-kit/
  5. What sort of condition? I shouldn't be buying it but I am keen! Lol
  6. Great topic guys, some experienced people in here for sure. Are there many aero rules for australian superlap (time attack) because i'm pretty sure that the splitter on that GTR wouldn't comply with the yank's rules. I'm considering making a wing for my cressida to suit sports sedan regs, but it's more likely it will only ever compete in time attack and sprints so i'd like to know all the info before i start laying up the carbon! Neil, are you heading to Eastern Creek this weekend? I'll be there crewing for a West so we probably shouldnt discuss aero together!
  7. I doubt you still have them but i'll take the fronts if they're there. If i pay for them now (via DD) can i pick them up at a later date? I'm 2hrs north of melb but im sure i can work something out soonish. Cheers, Troy
  8. heh its ok mate, the 8" rims could be put to good use on my cressy drift car Another pic/s of the ANZ rims would be great, as long as the others hold air when a tyre is jammed on em, thats all that matters heh Cheers
  9. Hi there buddy, any chance you could post another (clearer/closer) pic of the ANZs? My GF bulldozed a brick fence with her MA70 supra and needs 2 new ANZ rims that look very very similar to those. Any idea of offsets? Oh BTW, nice looking tyres...i can understand why you arent selling them with the wheels! Cheers, Troy
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