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  1. New in box $2900 Ono .84 T4 housing perfect for a 4 banger or RB25/26 Super response and huge power capability. You can't get them for under $3300-$3500+ 1100hp rating Pickup Sydney
  2. That's a bargain given the dollar!
  3. Finally got the car with new Plazmaman intake manifold and 6870 to the track with an auto though... [email protected] on 21psi 9.39 @ 144mph on 23psi Turned it up to 40psi and the box doesn't want to play enough to head back to the track but it feels very strong. Hopefully back to the track in a month on 50psi.
  4. If you want a responsive 600kw stick with the 6766
  5. Liking the sound of this! Hoping you're gonna stuff some boost into it!
  6. Driven at least 5,000 km a year Charlie, not daily but at least once a week/fortnight and for a few hundred kilometres when it comes out.
  7. Is there anyone on here who has done lots of road and track km's using an OS88?
  8. So my 6870 will be on the way shortly, I plan to push it until it has nothing left to offer which according to its 1100hp rating should be a nice gain over the 7175. Certainly won't sound as good or hit as hard but that's not the reason I'm putting it on. I would expect it to need at least 55psi to get it to a point where it won't offer any more power. I'm chasing more response and the driveability that the 6766 offered. This is a custom 1.00 divided T4 housing we are using, so it will be a good comparison as the 7175 was running a .98 T4 divided. It packs the goods to run low 8's in my car, I will try and better my time in the coming few weeks with the 7175 through better car setup before retiring it for turbo # 9 and the 6th Precision turbo since 2010.
  9. Just to elaborate on it also man, the car setup has a massive influence over the ET. The car trapped 153mph, that is a very good time for the trap speed. I don't know of the weight, but it's an RB30/26 auto and it launches like a bat out of hell. Pretty sure when I spoke to Justin they had maxed it out, my 6766 showed signs of boost falling off @ 42psi (850whp) and the 7175 is showing 920whp with nothing left. If I was a betting man I'd say that I was at the limit of the 6766's 935hp rating and probably sitting on 1000hp at the crank (7175 rated to 985hp). Only sure way is an engine dyno. Rather wear my engine out on the track.
  10. Ryan, absolutely impressed with that result, as I was with the STM Ricer at 2850lb and [email protected]!! And I'm not having a dig at what the cars have achieved, only how our figures compare to overseas. At the end the day the track is what tells the truth to me. Lith, totally agree, if I was turbo sponsored, I'd be happy to try and push the 6766 to 167mph (ran 154.86 on 36psi). The 7175 is pretty much tapped on 52psi and it went 164, the only thing I can really do is go out again, with more power and the longer gearing it has now 4.11. I think 170mph is possible, high 170's though? Not gonna happen.
  11. Ha, you stumped me on that one, I'm one of those guys. It was a 3037S, HKS rated to 480PS, Garrett 525hp, I made 503whp. In saying that, we pushed it to 25psi with a T2 1.12a/r housing, it had a held a flat boost curve unlike the .73 which would fall from 24>22psi (458whp). Car full weight went [email protected] 2870lb. The figure for which I base my decision on turbo selection is what the manufacturer rate them to anyway, as long it is capable of making that then it's all good. Going gung ho and trying be superman by making a shitload more that what they rate them to usually means that you're just reducing the life of the turbo in the first place. Hit your goal with the smallest turbo possible by all means, get greedy and you might find yourself with nothing left on your shaft. Hmm that sounds kind of funny... In saying that, even with their massive claims, the yanks are doing some damn impressive stuff. I'll be ordering a 6870 in a couple of weeks depending on a call tomorrow. 1100hp at the crank should see my car trap 168mph. I'm feeling a bit excited.
  12. Keen to max out a 6870! Hopefully they release divided housings for them sometime soon. Certainly looks good on paper, gotta love those GST yankee figures as always 6766 rated to 935hp, makes 949hp atw.