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  1. hey mate, how much would a stainless steel turbo back system be for an r34 tt. i dont mind what brand as long as it is good quality and will give a good boost in performance. please let me know as i need 1 asap. thanx
  2. hey guys n girls, really need 2 get rid of my stock 34 rims as they are just sittin in da garage. immaculate condition with new yokohama DNA S SERIES tread. please take them off my hands. asking price is 1000 and considering their immaculate condition along with new yoko tread is pretty reasonable but im open to offers. just call me on 0422464760 , my name is rob and if u want to come check em out urself ur more than welcome just let me know. thanx people.
  3. i had an r33 gtst done up inside and out for about a year and i got hassled non stop. i suppose i was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. in sydney theres about three trouble spots where cops know that worked cars go to on cruzes through. parramatta, george street and la peruz. everytime i took my 33 through those areas id get defected and twice was tagged and towed away. now that i got my r34 gtt ive left it fairly stock, just rims so far and no problems yet. i get looks from coppers but no trouble. my advice is just be nice and NOT A SMARTASS. i learnt da hardway coz bein on ur red p plates with a worked r33 and now on greens with an r34 burns da coppers up and so you have to be as nice as possible to get on dere good side. also get an engineering certificate for mods. it costs a bit but saves you a lot of hassle with defects and clearing da c**ts later on. once again learnt da hard way lol.
  4. hey mate, ill give you 100 for the bov and ill pay for post to sydney. let me know thanx if you want just call me on 0422464760 my name is rob
  5. hey guys, im still trying to sell my r34 gtt stock rims. they are in perfect condition and have new yokahama dna s series tread all around.call me on 0422464760 to come and see the rims. my name is rob. looking to get $1000 for them although im pretty sure these rims in such good condition are worth alot more. here are some pics. (FIRST TO SEE WILL BUY GUARANTEED)
  6. hey guys, sellng a set of r34 gtt stock rims. immaculate condition and with virtually new yokahoma performance tyres. tyres alone worth $600 and you could imagine how much the rims would be from nissan. i would like $1000 for them as i think they would be worth that much but i have to get rid of them so make an offer. if you would like to see them give me a call on 0422464760 (rob) any time and ill be glad to show. i do have a pic up also. all the rims are in the same condition.
  7. hey guyz n girlz, im lookin to get rid of my stock r34 rims as i just bought some new ones. if anyone is interested let me know asap. they are in great condition with no scratches at all and have new yokahoma rubber on them. i can also be contacted on 0422464760. just ask 4 rob (dats me). pics of the rims are now posted up. open up the images with paint and have a look at them.
  8. just wanted to know what boost stock r34 gtt's run. does anybody know?
  9. ive been pulled over about 16 times in the past 2 months for no reason. they just check my license and rego and breath test me. they check if i have a record or wateva and then send me on my way. best thing to do is cooperate and not be a smart ass as i am becoming. but you cant help it sometimes. they just get on your nerves. ive only ever been pulled over for a defect once in parramatta (and whoevers from around dere would know dat da cops are ruthless there) and once in brighton le sands for doing a burnout at the lights that turn onto the main road across da beach dere. overall as a skyline driver you just have to accept da fact that cops are hunting for p platers driving done up or high pwred cars.


    if i get my new kit and intercooler by den than count me in to. i reckon its a good idea. but we need quite a few people to show interest. i know a few people with skylines that would gladly join.
  11. ive got an r33 gtst series2 and im not sure exactly where the boost restrictor is. i know that it is somewhere towards the front of the engine bay underneath where the air filter sits but i cant figure out which 1 it is. if i pull it off how much boost will it run and will it damage my turbo in any way if i have a stock intercooler.
  12. skylines are da bomb. 300zx has potential but skylines are the king of the import world
  13. also have the same problem but its on and off. i find that when i go for a drive and give it a bit of a hit it doesnt happen again until the engine cools. ill try the grease. hopefully it will work.
  14. have you found the problem yet? i had the same thing. it was like a feathering noise coming from the engine. alot of people told me that it was the manifold but it was two cracked gaskets. they do cause you to lose quite a bit of power and its a really annoying sound. check your manifold gaskets and exhaust gaskets from underneath as well as i found that mine were absolutely demolished.
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