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  1. Got the new STALKER which rocks Also Forza 2 on xbox 360
  2. I just got this one the other day. My comp is struggling a bit with it, looks like its time for another upgrade!!
  3. Very nice Topaz. Im lookin to get a nice flat widescreen soon For now i still have a 19" CRT that does the job but its kinda bulky......
  4. Doesnt he always? :laughing-smiley-014:
  5. I just found out that first home buyers in VIC are not exempt from stamp duty as we are in NSW. In NSW you get the first home owners grant AND stamp duty exemption but in VIC you can either get one or the other. This is then an extra $8k or so on the mortgage and pretty much eliminates the advantage of a first home owners grant. That throws a spanner in the works...
  6. Looking at a map, Im surprised at Frankston's bad rep considering its location fairly close to the water. Anything within 20 mins of the water is prime location here
  7. I live in sydney western suburbs and have never had a problem. Just depends what sort of street you're in, there are some bad ones here and some good ones like mine. I doubt melb's western suburbs are any worse than here. As for getting out then coming back.. yeah i know. prices will rise here whilst Im gone but Im hoping by buying cheap elsewhere i'll be able to save. And i plan for my income to increase substantially whilst Im living away from everything that distracts me here I was looking at Your Mortgage magazine today and they had an article about some of the cheapest suburbs in Melb (no mention of what they're like though). This is whats listed: Melton - median price only 185k! Looked on domain and found some decent looking homes there. Deer Park St Albans - whats bad about this place? Seems to get a bad wrap? Is it like Bankstown in Sydney? If so i'll give it a miss, otherwise could be ok? Broadmeadows Cranbourne Sunshine West Werribee Rosebud Carrum Downs Rye Most of the above were showing growth over the past 12 months and all had average annual growth of over 8%. I've increased my budget to 240k max as well. I'll get a better home for that price and its not a huge difference in repayments from 200k. I've been looking at Adelaide as well but Melb seems to be the better choice (though i do like Adelaide) as far as return on investment when it comes time to sell.
  8. awesome thanks guys Im gonna have to print out a map and mark out all these areas so i know what Im looking at. I've lived in what is generally considered a "bad" part of sydney my whole life and never had an issue so i guess bad suburbs are all relative to experiences. Like i said i dont need to be within close distance of melb CBD. Yes will be looking to move back to sydney within 3-4 years so growth would be nice... thats why i want an el cheapo house in Melb, so my mortgage hovers around 1k/month allowing me to save for an overpriced sydney house. Im not a fan of new housing developments either, there are plenty here and the value will never go up. Im heading to VIC at the end of the month to check out prospective living areas
  9. Its full of coal power plants though hey... cant be good for the health
  10. Thanks for the advice. Its always hard to tell the demographics of areas in other states.. and I will be coming to check prospective places out of course. I'll have a look at the suburbs mentioned. Initially I was looking out at the Latrobe Valley way and even Gippsland. Whats it like out there? I run my own business and wouldnt need to travel to work, so eliminating that problem, any comments on those areas?
  11. haha looked at sydney prices lately? now thats ridiculous.. I just checked out south of geelong and prices dont seem to be similar to Corio area. Couldnt find anything under 200k south of geelong, can you suggest any suburbs there with similar prices?
  12. Yeah Im boring, lol Actually im pretty much over the clubbing thing these days. Probably could handle going into melb when i do feel like a night out. Im more concerned with having a big backyard for my dogs than going out these days. Ok from what you've said geelong sounds like bumpkin land.. full of bogans? Greeeat Hmm. I want a 3 bedroom home with fairly large yard and a garage.
  13. Well sydney house prices are hitting me hard and i think its time to get out of here for a few years. Been looking at housing online in VIC and cant believe how cheap it is in comparison. Im willing to live outside of Melb a bit and have been looking at Geelong region. Some suburbs there are dirt cheap like Corio and St Albans Park What are these areas like? What is Geelong like in general? Any other suggestions for areas with housing under or at the 200k mark?
  14. 59,000kms on the dash, but how much on the engine?
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