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  1. Hey guys, A while ago i friend one of my splitfire coilpacks and was just wondering if any one knows where i could possibly buy an individual one? I've asked a couple of companys but no one seems to be able to do it... Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I melted one of my splitfire coils a while ago and am wanting to replce that and also the loom needs a replacement too. If you've got a single superspark or equivelant id be willign to take that too. Thankyou very much
  3. negotiable on price guys. need to move these on, just paid 1500 to rego my new ute....
  4. well im not sure exactly how low they can go, but i had mine on the middle circlip and with 18" wheels i had around 20mm from the top of the tyre to the guard. And i think with each circlip groove you alter the height 10ish mm. Or thereabouts
  5. Sorry everyone I've only just got access to net. Up they are for a 33 gtst, and I am able to post obviously at buyers expense. I'll get pics as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow.
  6. Hey guys, I changed my suspension setup a lil while ago and i've got these bilstein/whiteline combo up for sale. They are the ones from the sydneykid group buy and are height adjustable via the circlip grooves. In great nick and were a very nice combination. Pickup preferred from the Gold Coast. Asking $300
  7. So i took on the challenge and i did it. Didnt turn out as well as i thought but i think its growing on me. I used matte black as the centres but as soon as i hit it with a clear coat it got a bit glossy so u cant really tell its matte. Was my fault though because i bought a cheap matte (which i found out after i bought it from supercheap that its not meant for auto use) and based on that i thought i should give it a coat of clear for a bit of protection. I'll probably do it again soon with a proper paint. And i'll use a flat black because apparently flat is more 'flatter' than matte. Understand? Good. Pics.
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