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  1. would you separate 4.9 crown wheel a pinion from housing?
  2. hey, i feel your pain, i've have mine for sale for a while and it's only a 60.000km car but i'm fortunate that i don't have to sell, i'd sooner leave it in the shed than give it away, people just don't know class 🙂
  3. HI Mate, Heard you may be able to help out with some info on the V36?

  4. Wogboy

    People don't know what they are missing, very quick motor car
  5. Wogboy

    i;ve replaced one in my coupe a couple of yrs back, no be deal, just went to the local place and they had one in a couple of days
  6. Wogboy

    still neg
  7. Wogboy

    still oem air boxes and new bonnet in box, the rest is long gone
  8. Wogboy

    yes, i'm the first owner in oz. serviced every 7k. by me. stock parts, can't remember will have to have a look. on 60k wheels in the pic are Volk GT30's. it has factory wheels on it now with new tyres.
  9. Wogboy

    yes it is
  10. Wogboy

    if you are refering to chris rogers, he has moved back to the U.S.A.
  11. Wogboy

    sold a life time ago