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  1. Wogboy

    i;ve replaced one in my coupe a couple of yrs back, no be deal, just went to the local place and they had one in a couple of days
  2. Wogboy

    still neg
  3. Wogboy

    still oem air boxes and new bonnet in box, the rest is long gone
  4. Wogboy

    yes, i'm the first owner in oz. serviced every 7k. by me. stock parts, can't remember will have to have a look. on 60k wheels in the pic are Volk GT30's. it has factory wheels on it now with new tyres.
  5. Wogboy

    yes it is
  6. Wogboy

    if you are refering to chris rogers, he has moved back to the U.S.A.
  7. Wogboy

    sold a life time ago
  8. Wogboy

    to dear??? to cheap??? let me know
  9. For sale Dec 07 first reg 08 V36 370GTSP 6sp man. Purchased the car at auction in japan in 2009 with 13000km. Car has round 57000km now. Fitted with KW V3 coilovers, K&N cold air, Hotchkis sway bars, custom cat back exhaust, factory wheels, tyre have plenty of life left in them, also has a Canadian cluster, so all english and 260K speedo. This car is one fantastic GT tourer, power, torque and handles sweet! But it sits in the garage and is hardly driven, interior perfect exterior is filthy but will be sportless if & when sold. $26000.00 or best offer. Comes with books & japanese service history.
  10. V36 Bonnets I have a brand new bonnet in box to suit V36 coupe $400.00 also a V36 sedan bonnet new, modified with a XR-8 bonnet bulge moulded on $600.00
  11. Wogboy

    this is a tow vehicle
  12. I just did a job for a lady where i removed all the infiniti emblems and put a full set of correct v35 emblems on, she still has the old ones if you're interested.
  13. Wogboy

    FX35 was a Skyline Crossover in Japan, hence 180klm dash.