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  1. The time has come.. i am selling the Skyline genuine reason for sale. the car is in Perth. Details as follows: 1988 R31 Silhouette GTS Build 19 of 200 fitted with an RB25DET Neo engine and gearbox from an R34 GT-T. series 3 tail lights that were purchased brand new from nissan around 2 years ago (original tail lights supplie to purchaser) Full cyclops alarm with remote central locking factory 3.7 LSD engine has travelled around 50,000 kms only about 2000 since conversion. RB25DET Neo engine fitted with : Microtech LT-12s Full sequential ecu with antilag, 4 line hand controller R33 GTR RB26DETT camshafts HKS cast exhaust manifold and external wastegate HKS EVC-EZ boost control T04e Turbocharger with custom braided line front guard mounted engine oil cooler full 3" mandrel bent exhaust system with 1 resonator R33 GTS25t RB25DET intake manifold modified to suit neo fuel rail and injectors (this manifold has fatter runners than the neo one also) Malpassi rising rate fuel pressure regulator with fuel pressure guage Custom front mount intercooler (core same as hybrid units) 550x300x75mm i believe 2.5" stainless steel mandrel bent intercooler piping. 3" stainless intake pipe and pod filter R32 GTST radiator with NISMO cap 9 puck 'extreme' clutch with modified pressure plate to clamp 2300lbs custom 1 piece heavy duty tailshaft with brand new yoke and uni joints brand new platinum spark plugs. This setup made 289 horsepower at the wheels on the wastegate setting of 10 psi (i havent run any higher) with a misfire caused by the spark plug gap. Other Modifications: Custom made Koni height adjustable coilovers Noltec adjustable strut tops R32 GTST front brake rotors and calipers with bendix advance pads VOLK 3 17" dish wheels 8" wide front 9" wide rear (235/255 tyres) NISMO front wheel studs (60mm i think) Alpine Cd player with Clarion splits mounted in custom door pods the front and clarion 2 ways in the rear shelf that has been retrimmed. cut front bar that has been repainted since whole car respray dark tint that has passed the pits (darker rear window and 1/4 windows than door windows) Battery relocated to the boot HKS boost Gauge MOMO Race steering wheel Trust gear knob $15k the car is registered until Feb 05. the car comes with a few spares such as a clutch and original cams etc. any questions etc email r31_gts@hotmail.com
  2. never mind, ill just use the r34 ones and fandangle them in there somehow
  3. yeh i need a crank angle sensor suit neo get back to mw asap r31_gts@hotmail.com
  4. ill sell the GT-T injectors and rail with the regs for $300
  5. i have a set of low km R34 GT-T injectors (with connectors) and fuel rail, the R34 setup dosent like matching up to my R33 intake manifold so im keen for a swap of the r34 injectors or my fully serviced R32 GTR injectors for straight swap R33 injectors (preferably aftermarket) and a fuel rail to suit. please come forth with possible solutions asap as this is a fairly urgent matter. thanks. todd r31_gts@hotmail.com
  6. For Sale: R33 turbo manual model ; clutch master cylander clutch slave cylander clutch pedal assembly these parts would be good for a manual conversion (duh). im looking for $250 for the lot im in perth r31_gts@hotmail.com
  7. hmm i cant seem to find any available locally but tell me what youd want and i will consider. i am keen.
  8. as topic says im looking for a R33 GTS25T manual gearbox preferably would like the yoke aswell. im in perth and if the price is decent im prepared to pay postage. r31_gts@hotmail.com please let me know asap if you are selling one, or know of anyone selling one. cheers Todd
  9. yer i got a white aussie 88 GTS sedan dark 16's RB30et , fmic etc series 3 rear lights
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