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  1. R33DRIVER

    Why not just get a R35! 2017 latest or 2013~16 DBA GTR preferred! Running/maintenance cost for any supercars won't come cheap anyway! I use Pajero Diesel and my wife use Sorento Diesel daily! The GTR only ride once or twice per month!
  2. I only have 2 remote keys for my car! My spare remote key is dead and went back to a garage for service and buy a new spare key! The problem is the mechanic with his latest GTR consult can not access into the key section for setting new keys somehow! His opinion is that I have replaced with a USA English audio unit together with an European (Russia - English mode) gauge cluster that may be the cause of problem for accessing into the remote key diagnosis for setting up new keys! I am totally don't understand what he is saying! But the daily use existing key is working fine! Is there any suggestion on this issue! Please help! The mechanic demonstrated with another similar JDM GTR (which use Cobb Access Port)! The display and gauge cluster are in original Japanese display, and with his GTR consult he can access into the remote key diagnosis without any problem!
  3. R33DRIVER

    Last year the Japanese version audio head unit hard disk finally burnt! A week of delivery! Yesterday! I successfully converting my JDM 2007 R35 GTR existing Japanese MFD master assembly (Audio Head Unit) to current USA English system. There are some modification (which I don't know and don't understand at all) done! But it appear to me the diagnosis are all OK! And took us few hours to set the rear view CAM to activate. The English buttons can change no problem later and the English dashboard cluster are awaiting stock to come. Total cost and labour approx. AUD$3,600.00 To complete the English buttons and dashboard cluster approx. AUD$1,200.00 Thank you everyone for reply and support.
  4. R33DRIVER

    Yes! Current imported used 07 & 08 JDM GTR are cheap! But, no free dinner! Very easy getting a dodge cars! First seen one last week in Hong Kong! Straight from cargo container! Jack up in garage and first seen the trans-axle joint didn't fix tight and very loosen! One remote control key not working! Radiator fans broken! Old dusty interior! Scratched alloy wheels! Battery, tyres, brake discs, brake pads and Suspensions need replacement! Very sure gearbox and other major unseen parts were swapped in Japan and need to replace! The seller only pays cheap to do a make-up job and sell for around AUD$85,000.00! So, why buy old private import GTR if you can afford to buy genuine GTR from showroom! In Hong Kong, we've seen few dodge GTR! Thus, we only buy or sell between known people! Any replacement and upgrade works done to a dodge GTR just like throwing money into a wormhole! Never end! Very unenjoyable experience with GTR!
  5. R33DRIVER

    After a major service of my car last week! Enhanced the existing GR6 gearbox with an addition of Japanese made Gearbox Gear-Lock Set, replaced all gearbox sensors and replaced a new flywheel housing, replaced radiator fans, oil pump, keyless go key lock system and ordered a list of 2013 model upgrade parts which include suspension set, front A-arms, anti-roll bars, new set of tyres and battery. Well sounds good ah, but a throat cutting spendings! Didn't touch the car for a week! Yesterday! The car didn't response my car key and found out old battery no power, therefore, recharging the battery and start the car again! Alarm noise and the dash board just like Christmas tree lights up and brinks! Wow! heard electric shocking noise then the car shout down itself! I restart the car again and engine run and the car go back to normal but the AUDIO & REAR VIEW CAM die! RUN OUT OF CAR ALLOWANCE (CASH)! Now its time really going to get an English System! Hope I don't need to go back to the keep failing Japanese system!
  6. R33DRIVER

    http://www.r35audio.com Interesting! This company mentioned they can do something about the 2007~2009 MFD upgrade to 2014 version! Does it mean they can convert Japanese to English! So far I did brought the old unit and turn out it is not function properly! Learnt a lesson! wasting $$$$$$$.
  7. R33DRIVER

    #16 Good day mate, Currently very busy with my business and no time think about this! I did one BCNR33 overhaul in HK few years ago! Took me a lot of money and time but successfully goal achieved! This time I will get all comments and quotation from everywhere first! Try to find a reasonable root to the answer! The guy from T & S Auto in To Ka Wan will help me doing the work! I am still talking to an computer engineer and car Hi-Fi technician to joint this project! Hope will final a solution later!
  8. R33DRIVER

    I obtained one 2014 genuine AUDM R35 GTR VIN.no. ! Better than nothing to start with....... 0.01% chance now!
  9. R33DRIVER

    #12 You are expert, I start to understand a tiny thing from now! The ADM 2007~2010 are analogue system whereas the JDM 2007~200X are digital system and the body harness is different and not just simply replace the switches and main unit will get it work! Despite from this the JDM so far had no people able to heck or have any softwares to change it from Japanese to English! So what you mean if swap and replace the hardware from current English GTR to early ADM GTR require a lot of works to be done! Anyway, you've give us a great information to start with.
  10. R33DRIVER

    How about swap the whole system? Does it work?
  11. R33DRIVER

    Is the R35 is ADM GTR? Still under warranty at that time? I think a lot of people have bad experience regarding car service and trade-in matters in most OZ car dealers. I experienced once the Toyotx manager lie for promises of work which not made and arrogantly accuse we are not reasonable! After numerous complaints and with friends (working in Toyotx) help to get the evidence and legal letter to scare him off! And at the end he just come to the office and said OK I was wrong! But no sorry have said! And end the matter! Because, the working environment protects people (workers) more than customers! That's why they don't afraid of loosing their job and no need to improve customer's relation! I would have said if their working attitude and arrogant manner found in any car dealers in Hong Kong and Japan! They would have lost their job long ago! But if I were the Black GTR owner I may have paid extra but not AUD$47,000.00 to buy and replace a new GR6 gearbox directly order from Japan and carry out installation by a well known garage mechanic and not money ripped off service centre! This may save more money than trade-in! When I brought my R35! The owner said due to the GR6 gearbox may or will be DEAD in the coming years and he willing to deduct a sum of AUD$8,000.00 about half the price of a new GR6 gearbox as a sinking fund for my future replacement of new gearbox! Getting a well know good and experience mechanic in hand first is the most important factor to be consider before buy any expensive cars! I have a Q7 3.0TDI and the car have problem, then I took it to a good mechanic garage for repair, he charged me AUD120.00 fixing the problem regarding the diesel fuel pump system broken down! The solution is to buy a new small capacitor replace by soldering works! And he give me a quote from Aud1 that replacement of the diesel system require AUD$6,500.00 excluding labour! So you know the big difference!
  12. R33DRIVER

    Learn Japanese This is the first reminder the seller told me before buying his car! Convert to English is ASS Itchy interest! Want to make some contribution to all outside Japan ADM GTR owners! If there are no know-how yet! At least, by directly swap replacement to English parts can proof it works or not! Please, anyone here have any information! Know How just post it here and I will periodically follow up until get it done.
  13. I guess the price for the R36 GTR (if exist) should be around AUD$267,000.00! I hope that if the last version of the R35 GTR can use Hybrid System before R36 GTR, so we still have a chance to DIY modify our old R35 GTRs to update spec. Once in a life time! In your garage! One BNR32 GT-R and one R35 GTR is enough to have fun!
  14. R33DRIVER

    #4 USA parts are easily to find but for the English MFD! So far no people have the answer they are interchangeable into the 2007 model?
  15. R33DRIVER

    #5 My GTR is 2007 year model I want to replace the following items :- 1) The dashboard display gauges cluster to English system. 2) The centre console MFD buttons and switches to English characters. 3) The MFD display and the Audio/Video console replace to English system. ( saw the Signapore GTR forum that they tried to replace a hard-disk system and copy all english files to the new hard-disk but proof not working) So far there are no professional racing companies had issue any system that can do the similar job, and I am sure there must be a way or know how to simply replace the above Item 1 and 2 and some modification done to item 3 will convert form Japanese to English. But up to date no one had any solution! Only some (no people done yet) suggestion saying there may be a chance to directly replace the above items and some related parts and accessories hope that it will work! If I should have buy the items at least I need ADM GTR part list first ! If you have any idea! Please help!