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  1. Try working in a boiler room. It's stinking hot.
  2. Leroy's on the ball, couldn't put it into words because I'm draft, but yeah that's pretty much it. Mods are either exxy as fuсk, or hard to find which is poo.
  3. Love the technicolour yawn colour
  4. One thing that pisses me off about clash of clans is clans themselves. It's a fuсking bellend convention.
  5. Especially at th9 and 10...
  6. Haha it is a good car. I'm just being a bellend
  7. This is my current weekend pile of crap
  8. Sup. Been a loooooong f**kin time since I last posted in these parts.
  9. One HD website streams it. So the coverage had some swimming heat, what the f**k?
  10. What did they cost delivered?
  11. Those XXR wheels are dirt cheap on US eBay, that where you got them Nick?
  12. Also count 'obviously' lol
  13. Hope Mark says something about it in the press conference
  14. RBR were adament that they don't force team orders. Funny that....
  15. One are hopeless. Cutting to ads when showing Webber's in car lap