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  1. Hey all Just wanted to know if a standard R33 gtst series 1 steering wheel would fit into a series 2 r33? Thanks
  2. Yeah need airbag aswell, need it for rwc. How much u want for it? Thanks
  3. Hey all As topic states, was wondering if a series 1 gtst standard steering wheel fit into a series 2 gtst? Thanks
  4. Hey Im after a standard steering wheel for an R33 series 2. Im not sure if a series 1 will fit aswell, but if it does that will do. Need ASAP. Thanks
  5. I have a series 2 r33. The gtr wheel is off a series 1. Also, would a series 1 wheel off a gtst fit in a series 2? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if any r33 GTR steering wheel would fit in a R33 gtst? If it does, will the airbag and everything else work aswell? Thanks in advance
  7. Nice car, but looking for something a bit for fuel efficient. I can organise rwc aswell, including new tyres, new rocker cover seals, a standard steering wheel as well as e-nardi which is on now. Other stuff for rwc are only little things like some other seals need replacing, everything else is fine. Car will also come with pod filter, standard wheels, stock muffler, blitz bov.
  8. Few more pics...smaller size this time. Still for sale, open to offers or swaps for cheaper daily driver with cash my way!
  9. The car also comes with full aftermarket stereo system, including head unit, front speakers, rear 6 x 9's as well as sub and amp (not connected). The body kit is a genuine 40th anniversary kit, including the front bar, side skirts and rear GTR adjustable spoiler. This gives the car a very unique look. The car also has a HICAS lock bar installed.
  10. Still for sale. Price neg. Make an offer. I will be going away from 20th November till end of Jan. Car wont be available but want to sell it before then.
  11. I also have a series 2 that has rear windscreen wiper....
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