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  1. Have a set each of 265/35/18 and 255/40/17 for sale. 265/35/18 - $499ea 255/40/18 - $399ea Both are sot compound, happy to ship at buyer's expense.
  2. Hi All, selling my 480CC Purple Injectors. More info: http://www.nengun.com/nismo/high-performance-injectors Price $650 Location : Melbourne Condition : Used Delivery at buyer's expense or pick up welcome Payment either by cash or DD. Pics uploaded shortly. PM for details.
  3. Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57 Maximum 17 x 9 +22 - $1500 Hi all, selling my old track wheels, used exclusively on track days for approximately 2 years, perfect condition, no scratches, no gutter-rash. Offset to suit GT-R, Evo, 350Z, etc. Strong & light, Ribbed for her pleasure... Pics of them on my car...
  4. Thanks for that, I'll be sure to check it the next time it happens...
  5. I think I may also need one of these, which fuel damper is generally the faulty one, as there's one for each bank?
  6. Fcruz3r; pics below...hmm I appear to be missing 3 of the small bolts when compared to the stock picture. But I've counted on my plenum and it only takes 9 bolts. You can compare the inventory with the stock photo from Pure Innovations;
  7. 10mm thick all round. Yep shipping to Perth is all good, around $10. I'm not sure about the V35/G35 but I could still use the 350Z engine cover. Plenum Spacer and Panel Filter on hold.
  8. OK guess I should try and clean out the garage, as it's starting to get hard to park the car in there... Pure Innovations Plenum spacer - $100 This is a flat spacer (not angled) for maximum airflow but won't clear the factory strut brace without spacers. I believe I have all the spacers, will confirm tonight. Supplied with plenum gasket, but advisable to get a new one from Nissan for 100% air-tight fit. Good improvement in mid-range with this mod. Trust Airinx-GT high flow panel filter - $50 Used for only 1 track day and a few hundred k's before boosting the car. I chose the Trust because (apparently) the filter material is the best flowing. Breathes much better than stock. Apex'i Pod filter and heat shield - $60 If you're after a pod filter, this flows quite well and the heat-shield helps with the heak-soak. Will post up some pics tonight or tomorrow, PM me if you're interested.
  9. APS single turbo kit was made for the LHD market. It won't fit RHD as the manifolds won't clear the steering rack assembly. Your best bet is adapting a single turbo kit for the 350Z from HKS, which shouldn't be too difficult.
  10. Ew. Those rotors are cactus. Time to change up...I would hazard a guess that your pads weren't coping with the temperatures and pretty much deposited themselves all over your rotors. Go with good pads and good fluids and your rotors shouldn't ever look like that. My rear rotors are stock and have done around 10 track days, only just starting to lip. VDC and SLIP light can come on if you have a big off or spin, try resetting the ECU and driving around for a few k's, should go away...if not maybe get it checked out. Sounds like some good driving over there...Supercharged 350Z guy NOT representing!
  11. It should fit, but with Procharger just be aware that it's going to be really loud and whiney. If you're OK with that then it's also reputed to have very good power potential. The other thing to make sure of is that you have proper control of timing and fuel. In order to get a safe and reliable set-up you will also need injectors (480cc minimum) and a fuel pump. Some kits come with split-timing boxes and do the extra fuelling with an extra injector in the intake tract. Not ideal but it can work...sometimes. Anyway good luck with your install, supercharged VQs are heaps of fun...
  12. Shouldn't be. What blower are you buying?
  13. It's usually a combination of camber and toe that will kill your tyres early, make sure you're running zero toe. If it was just one tyre that is wearing then I'd have guess a suspension problem but if you're getting even wear on both sides then it's likely still an alignment problem, especially if your car is running stock ride height.
  14. You're legally allowed to drive a car without insurance in Australia, so long as it's registered. Part of the cost of registering your car is for compulsory third party insurance and public liability.
  15. Ahhhh...failed to check UTQG...good spot!
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