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  1. I'll be there sort of. I live in bunbury so will come and meet you all and check out some nice cars at the bunbury meet point.
  2. a heap of us will be coming up from bunbury. would love to meet up with you in mandurah and cruise up with you all. If that ok with ya?
  3. Imprsvfc

    Rising Sunday

    Yeah. I'll come up from bunbury. I'll bring the y34 out for a run.
  4. Imprsvfc

    Vq Cruise Rd4

    if there is enough interest in this then i will come up from bunbury for it. hoping for a few cars,
  5. yes i have seen this car, very nice, very clean, its a great car, always looked after, such a smooth car to drive. If i didn't already have one i would buy it. Worth the trip, when you see it and drive it you will buy it.
  6. You forgot Y34, I'll try and make it, want to get the y34 gloria out on a few more cruise's
  7. could someone please translate this for me?
  8. do you know what this says or could you please find out for me? anybody??
  9. Yeah i'm still reading these, thanks for the english coversion email. it helped abit, does anyone know how to change the clock yet?
  10. might come up from bunbury to have a look. sounds like some nice cars going to be there. Maybe you could include my Y34 Nissan Gloria in a couple of shots???
  11. has any one installed a boost controller yet? how easy was it? which one was it?
  12. Does anyone know how or if the sat nav can be changed to aus maps?
  13. yeah i changed my trans oil as soon as it arrived. no leaks, its running like a champ, so smooth. So when is urs arriving?
  14. only prob is that the sat nav and all the controls are in japanese, and the tv dont work here either does anyone know how or if you can change them to work over here. worked some of the menu's out so far. and some more pics
  15. its got the VQ30DET and the 6 speed cvt trans. very happy with it so far, here's some more pics. does anyone know anywhere that has aftermarket goodies for the VQ30det??
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