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  1. might come along to meet some fellow skyliners sounds like a good day!!!
  2. had the same problem, would drive around for a bit then the car would just stall when pulling up to the lights and the idle was all over the place 500-1500rpm, really annoying!!! thought it was the bov after reading what a few ppl said on the forum ... but i got the o2 sensor changed .... two weeks and the problem hasn't come back
  3. i did mine a few months ago and i just spliced the signal wire into the clear copper wire ( the middle one in your pic ) .... i think its 12v acc that your after and just run it from the cig lighter .... easy as!!!
  4. i think it's 5 litres..... thats what i put in mine anyways
  5. Hey guys i was just wondering what the pcd is for an R33 gts-t ? .... i can't find it anywhere! thanks
  6. Very interested in 1/ Hybrid GT spec kit (core - tube and fin - 600x300x76) - $740 delivered. (for r33 gts-t) delivery and payment details?? Thanks
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