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  1. Purely for clearances of the R8 coilpack conversion, they put ke up a long way
  2. Cheers for that, not looking at going beyond 300kw absolute maximum, in fact I'd be stoked to get to 250kw, before I put water to air intercooler on the car was struggling to maintain 175kw with a return flow front mount. Now with the water to air the car feels a lot stronger so to speak and not fighting itself to make or maintain power if that makes sense? Drive train wise here's short list of what it's got so far, forged pistons, very light valve work, hypergear ball bearing highflow, 725cc injectors, Nistuned,audi R8 coilpack conversion, 10mm plenum spacer, 140amp alternator, shift kitted auto, 3" front to back exhaust, high flow cat and magnaflow shoosher. Anything else other than fuel delivery that I need to think of changing or upgrading now?
  3. After having bedded everything in for a few weeks, I've noted a fairly substantial gain in boost response, engine runs almost a full notch cooler on the Guage, without any adjustment of the boost controller it showed a gain of 3 to 3.5 psi boost and feels hungry for more, so far without any signs of heat soak etc, intercooler body is cool to the touch after an hour driving on highway then bit of a fang through streets on way home. so car is going in for a road tune to tidy up fuel/air etc and see what it feels like, then if feel the need later on can go for a trek and get it on a 4 wheel dyno as closest one with any Nistune experience is around a 1 1/2 hour drive away.
  4. contemplating doing a flex fuel setup on my banana mobile, so was wondering what the brains trust has to say regarding certain brands and what the pre-work requirements are etc to make it a more painless conversion . i'm aware i'll need to do the pump and the hoses etc, but as to what types of hose, models of in-tank pumps/flow rate etc id like to have some education on, so fire away and hit me with the Pro's and Cons of certain equipment and why... not looking to make a squillion killerwasps but have a bit more snort when "needed" and the E- sugar juice is available
  5. OK thanks, I've finished the install and I've placed a bilge ventilation fan inside the front bar directed at the radiator so it has constant airflow but won't be affected by speed like a rotary bladed fan will, I also have a little doogen/gadget called a Peltier Plate that I can install if need be for extra cooling of the water chamber to increase efficiency that will be attached to the cooler body with its own heatsink, get car back from sparky tomorrow so will be able to update progress soonish
  6. I'll look into that, and check what stuff is best for all alloy systems, thanks.
  7. I'll take it to auto elec down the road from me and get it wired so that if fuse blows on heat exchange fan or pump that it illuminate an led on dash somewhere, and have it wired to ignition so when car is running so is cooler system circuit. I'd still like to know how yours struggled when went bigger turbo please?
  8. So when you say it struggled, in what sense did you mean please?
  9. Oh and what ratio coolant to water did you run in system? Was it glycol or ethanol based coolant etc..
  10. OK thanks for the reply, essentially the kit I have coming will be the same core size, but with a heat exchange unit 12"x12.5"x2" thick with it's own filler neck, and if need be was gonna add an external reservoir with one of those 12v passive heat sink off a cheap car fridge on a separate switch for hot weather, whether on the cooler core or the reservoir. As for space to mount the core was looking to mount on a 45 degree angle so it gets plenty of surface wicking as well as utilising as much of available space in cavity as possible. Oh and can you please explain where you said it was struggling when went to larger turbo? How much bigger are we talking, and what kinda killerwasps figures did you find it holding stuff back in whatever manner?
  11. What supposed hp rating was the unit? And when you say it struggled, in what sense? Airflow or temperature? Did it suffer from heat soak being so close to engine etc? Did the heat exchanger have a Dan on it, and/or an external reservoir. I'm gonna put mine underneath the airbox in the cavity behind front bar and in front of wheel where the standard one would have been I assume, that way it's away from temp sources but still relatively short pipes
  12. Awesome, thanks, I did a search on here and not a cracker came up, will definitely suss it out tomorrow
  13. When I had the front bar off the car recently there is miles of real estate available in front of the front wheels behind the bar, so my thinking was that I could mount the header tank and pump on the driver's side, the heat exchanger /radiator where a front mount goes, and the cooler body on the passenger side and use the factory piping holes to plumb cooler body, that would just about cut the pipe length by 2/3 or more, it would all still get plenty of passing air, as well as passive cooling and not have extra chopping of holes in stuff, and because the heat exchanger radiator is 1/3 as thick as average front mount and also smaller surface area, the other cooling elements of the car would benefit overall. And if it comes down to cost arguments, a good front mount kit is around the 1k and above mark, pretty much on a par with the water to air setups
  14. I'm pondering on the idea of fitting a water to air intercooler setup, and would like to know if anybody else has done one in a stagea, I already know the Pro's/Cons but I fully expect to get the standard responses of "just do what everyone else has done and put a giant front mount and chop the car to bits it's easier", but I don't wanna do that. I like the fact already that stageas are not the Norm, and kinda wanna stick with that path and do something different, like I did with the intake piping instead of going the standard route of putting a FFP and throttle body so I could fit the Audi R8 coilpacks in there, I had a 10mm plenum spacer made and modified the stock throttle body and J pipe for clearances etc... plus the fact that i could potentially cut the piping lengths to a bare minimum as well as virtually no boost loss/restriction. so come on brains trust give me some examples if you have any, or have seen what others have used and what vehicles they came off to adapt to Stagea, have done the inevitable google search on skylines etc with water to air coolers and got pretty much ZIP.
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