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  1. I'd love an audi rs6 but I'm not bulk rich, so the stagea is as close as I'll get ha ha ha, and yeah fully agree that if I added it all up between car and bikes over the years it'd be a comfortable house 😔
  2. Nah not at all, engine is running again as of last night, new flex fuel pump and lines, adjustable reg, hardwire kit etc etc were all fitted yesterday, so now the testing will commence. And I thought I was half impatient, jeebus Hahahah KiwiRS4T you're keener than me!, but I spose I'm half dreading the outcome since it could possibly be a wallet drainer.... 😥
  3. I've been at work all weekend so I dunno, will be calling the workshop tomorrow to see if it's been done, dropped off the ecu on Friday morning and they were going to be spannering on it that arvo, so am hoping it's been tested etc
  4. Fair enough, ecu is on way back from Nistune so should be in the hand either tomorrow or Friday
  5. Yeah we are doin a comp test as soon as ecu is back in car, as well as changing the cas contraption on front of engine, and hopefully either of those will be a steer in the direction of the issue
  6. OK thanks to all for the insight, I'll show the guys working on it all of the suggestions and see if we can find a favorable resolution
  7. Will get the guys to look into this as soon as ecu is back from Nistune, cheers
  8. Old intercooler was return flow from just jap, new cooler flows heaps better intake tract is about 1.2mtrs shorter and runs a lot cooler to the touch even after about an hour of driving, still cold to touch, all new piping so clean as a whistle and showed no improvement with timing issues after changed to new cooler
  9. New balancer is being fitted already as old one was getting tired and perished, will then try timing light etc, cam gears are std OEM stuff, and new belt was fitted couple weeks ago whilst it was opened up to check it hadn't skipped a tooth or 9. Currently waiting for the ecu to return from Nistune after having E85 harness fitted and a general checkover found nothing out of the ordinary
  10. I'll see if the vct bits have been sussed out, new timing belt and adjusters fitted in last couple of weeks to ensure it hadn't been skipped a tooth on pulleys etc, did ask if the bull nose bit on front of cam was free and clean and all reports were it looked fine by them. When you say slots in back, do you mean on the bull nose bit or the cam itself?
  11. Brand new bosch 725cc from efi solutions and no sign of running out of room for flow, and have just got new pump and adjustable reg fitted ready for E85
  12. Have spoken to engine builder, and they can only vaguely remember what piston they used in engine, said they reckon it was a modified wiseco piston, so my thought is that next steps are comp test to see if excessive, and the throw E85 at it and see what it does from there. Then if that fails yank it out, peel it open and put a proper f**king set of neo piston in it just to be certain
  13. I have the build sheet for engine, and sadly all It says is forged rb25det piston kit, but no part number to identify if it's neo or otherwise, so will do a compression test and check figures I spose, apparently std comp is about 170-175psi range, I'll also attempt to call the engine builder and see if they can remember what they were, though it was around 3 years ago so don't hold much hope
  14. What would be the differences if any between rb25det pistons and rb25det Neo pistons? Anybody aware of what issues they could cause with clearances etc
  15. Car doesn't seem to be excessive on fuel consumption so hesitant to think it's dumping fuel in, though have just installed a new adjustable reg, and 300lph pump compatible with E85, so we can test that theory once car is done with installation of flex fuel stuff. Have had 2 jdm enthusiast /specialized mechanics looking at it and it's got them scratching their heads as to why its like it is, they've both worked on it separately as well as together and short of removing and peeling engine open we've started to make incremental changes to parts, then test and if no change try something else, change, test and so on
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