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  1. oxford1327

    So what was the eventual cost figures for kit and required bits and bobs to complete the project?
  2. oxford1327

    so do they give equivalent or better spark intensity than say a set of splitfires? and what cost point are they compared to splitfires etc??
  3. oxford1327

    what loom changes etc were needed to be made? is there a tutorial on this somewhere perhaps? and what are the advantages please?
  4. oxford1327

    Steering wheel is complete and fitted now, came up awesome with the new leather covering, line of sight to Guage cluster is nice unless you're a really short bugger, then it cuts off the top of speedo and tacho a touch. Otherwise I'm wrapt in the results, feels nice in the hands, and gives ample leg clearance with the new recaro chairs now too.
  5. oxford1327

    I like having insurance intact as well as maintaining a closer state of roadworthy 😉
  6. oxford1327

    Further progress on steering wheel mods. Sanded to shape today, came up pretty good, well I think so anyway ha ha ha. Now comes the expensive bit, first estimate for re-cover in leather was $400-500, so several quotes to come before finishing off. Here's some dodgy pictures that give indication of size changes
  7. oxford1327

    In the process of modification of the steering wheel into a flat bottom and top unit that retains the airbag. Cut off the old foam in sections where changes are made, strengthened the construction and tig welded new sections in place, then carefully removed foam from a different model wheel to replace and reshape once urethane adhesive has cured
  8. WTB bride seat rail passenger side suit stagea S1 and S2, model number N120M0 or N120R0
  9. WTB, chasing a bride seat rail for passenger side of series 1&2 Stagea, part number N120M0
  10. Chasing a passenger side bride seat rail, suit a series 1&2 stagea. Part number N120M0
  11. oxford1327

    rims and tyres are sold
  12. okey dokey, thanks for that I will give them a call and see what they can offer me
  13. HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Possibly Be Worth The Drive
  14. hello all, I have done a bit of searching and am yet to find the answers I seek, I am wanting to get the Nistune upgrade done as soon as possible, to go with the new high flow hyper gear and injectors etc that will be getting installed very shortly, yet I seem to be having issues in finding a reliable installer and tuner that will respond, I've heard many good things about a certain tuner on the eastern side of Melbourne but after 4 attempts at contacting them to see when I'd be able to make a booking etc I have given up and am seeking recommendations, even after I sent them at their request the list of mods that are currently done, as well as what is about to be done to the car, still only got crickets from their end.....I am from Ballarat about 1 1/2 hours drive West from Melbournistan, and don't mind travelling for the right shop . car is a series 2 RS4 tiptronic auto Stagea, so come on peoples hit me up with some recommendations
  15. oxford1327

    cheers for that, would kinda prefer something on the western side , but will keep them in mind