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  1. Police have been, was there for 3-4 days, but late this afternoon it was towed
  2. would like to inform anyone of an abandoned/stolen White R34 Skyline in Ballarat, Victoria, car has no plates and looks to be a bit worse for wear, has apparently been in its current location for a few days, I only saw it today for the first time. I will try to get some photos of the car tomorrow morning if it is still there and attach them to this post. all I can tell at this stage is it's missing the plates and looks as if its had a bit of a rough time, it is parked on the side of the road in Gillies street Wendouree, near the intersection of Gregory st close to the train lines headed in a southerly direction. Admin please advise if there is a better place to post this as i don't know if there is a stolen sticky anywhere?nothing came up in search for stolen.
  3. nsw/act 

    any chance you'd have an ecu with the part number 23740-0V811, and also looking for little hooks from the cargo area, if you have any of them how much would you want for them plus post?
  4. Hello all, I am trying to get some info on an Abflug bonnet scoop type intake/airbox but I'm struggling to find one anywhere. Please see attached pictures, would like one for a series 2, but if only able to get a series one unit I can adapt it to shape. I'm hoping that someone has one gathering dust in a shed somewhere that they've pulled off, or if necessary I can purchase bonnet Assy.
  5. check all the drive belts on the front of the engine, there might be a nick in one of them or it may be de-laminating and the noise only occurs once the belts have warmed up
  6. Got it on Wish, took a few weeks to get here but bucketload cheaper.... One sheet big enough to replace the bonnet card and wheel well was $36 delivered, its 10mm thick and compresses to 6mm. I'll try finding the link to seller and Chuck it up on here for interested parties.
  7. Sound deadening in spare wheel well, makes big difference to resonance on the highway, more of the stuff coming to put in the door skins and rear quarters very soon, then the big banana will be cosy quiet
  8. Just saw this article saying that Nissan, Nismo and Autech are going to be ramping up production of parts as a heritage product program. Am hoping this will continue to be rolled out to other models in future
  9. had a manual years ago and loved it once i had a short shifter in it, but i'm old and lazy now, so i'll suffice with the auto and use the tiptronic when i wanna feel all racey hahahaha. and i have a manual in my dual cab for when i need to tow heavy crap, id just like to tickle the auto up a touch in this one so it doesnt slip so bloody much on changes, and i also don't think it's ever been properly serviced other than oil changed, so she needs a thorough going over
  10. okey dokey cheers kiwi, wasnt sure if there was any further advancements.
  11. I know its an old thread but I would like to know if there is still anyone dong shift kits for S2 stags in Victoria? other than the fact i don"t think mine was ever properly serviced other than an oil dump/change, i'd like to get it tightened up on the shift as well as ready to cope with some more ponies very soon.
  12. Thanks gents,gives me a clearer picture of what i need to do, and less trial and error to allow figures to be achieved comfortably
  13. can you please provide a breakdown of mods done to achieve what you've got there? I have a series 2 auto and am looking to get around the same numbers, so would be interested to see what is required to get in that ball park.
  14. I'll take it, please pm me bank details to the following number. 0417151262