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  1. oxford1327

    These still available? Where are you located? Cheers! They are sold now, thanks for your interest
  2. had splitfires in it and wanted something different with a ton more spark power and that ran cooler, after using the thermal gun on splitfires fresh from a couple of power runs on the highway there was average 35 degrees difference on each coil between the R8 coils and the splitfires in the same engine, same weather conditions etc, and anything electronic that runs cooler is a win and worth it I reckon ,yeah it was a bit of work but realistically once i had the spacer made and throttle body/intake pipe modified and welded it was probably 5 hours work all up and a couple hundred bucks plus the cost of the coilpack conversion, came to about $80-90 more than a new set of splitfires
  3. Plenum spacer was put in to allow clearance for the R8 coilpack heights, so I was able to keep the crossover intake instead of having to go with a FFP
  4. Motor had rebuild from previous owner at around 180k, had split fires in it, and have just put the R8 coils in as well as the plenum spacer, boost leaks are hopefully solved and despite what you may have heard about certain tuners in Victoria it Will Not be going there ever again! I have a few other recommendations that I'll be chasing up very soon from a few motorsports contacts that I don't have to travel 3+ hours drive to get to, and will actually talk to you on the phone
  5. am looking for info or pictures on the drive mechanism for the height adjusters on the sides of the xenon headlights, specifically if they are on a single keyway type arrangement or a spline type that can be skipped a tooth. reason being one side of mine is adjusted as far as possible in the downward position on the screw and is still looking for possums in the trees, and if i go any further it jams and makes the motor to raise/lower activate. kinda wanted to see if anybody had pics of one apart without the need to pull mine to bits first
  6. already have all of the above except for the fuel pump. have a hamburger with the lot highflow from hypergear, bosch 725cc injectors, return flow front mount, Nistune and GFB atmo blow-off as well as GFB boost controller. so am hoping that now I've added a set of Audi R8 coilpacks and a 10mm plenum spacer as well as tightened up the boost leaks it should get a lot closer to where I'd like it to be. and can get another tuner that will actually use a frickin spanner to fix the fuelling from the last mob leaving it super rich and sending me away with no communication other than via text message cos they are "too busy" to speak to you EVER...
  7. at this point I am only looking to get into the mid 200kw at the treads range so it appears it won't need cams then, and am much better off chasing gains elsewhere, currently sitting at 175kw at all 4 with boost leaks when it was "tuned" and since some other mods have been done and hopefully all the boost leakage has been resolved it is due to be retuned to see what it can make on pump 98, as there is only 1 E85 outlet within 90-ish K's it isn't worth me going down that route
  8. ok cheers for that, after much contemplation, forum post diving and brief discussion with mechanic I've decided to not worry about cams just yet from both a financial and current power point, from everything I have gleaned it's not worth me doing without sacrificing some everyday driveability around town etc...as well as a bucket of coin I could spend elsewhere and achieve similar results for less cost blah blah blah.. but I will say your setup looks The Tits!! and am very Jelly...
  9. oxford1327

    These still available? Where are you located? Cheers! At this point they are sold pending payment in next 2 weeks, if sale doesn't go through I'll let you know. Cheers
  10. when you put the cams in what other bits did you have to replace? shims,buckets,seats, springs etc or was it a complete new setup? am pondering on fitting some poncams to my neo, but i wanna get an idea of total parts required so i can suss out the cost before i commit.
  11. oxford1327

    Got nistune in it, but didn't need to change anything for it to start and run fine so far. Once it goes back to dyno will alter the dwell time as per recommended by 5-0ignite that make the kit. Thus far car runs and idles smoother, as well as no longer seems to stutter under high throttle load, whether that's the old noggin playing tricks remains to be seen once dyno sheet is compared etc.
  12. oxford1327

    Installed Audi R8 coilpack conversion kit from 5-0 ignite, had to do some intake mods for clearances, otherwise would need to have changed to front face plenum and costs/other mods weren't desirable at this point
  13. oxford1327

    price drop and bump up. $600 for the lot, including the standard rear calipers and pads.
  14. oxford1327

    decided to go with the 5-0 ignite Audi R8 coil conversion setup, ordered today so am hoping will be delivered by the weekend so can sneak them in on nightshift over the weekend if workshop isn't busy, only replacing splitfires as brains trust consensus is that the engine has a suspected dodgy one firing intermittently at idle and mid range where car spends most of its rev-time, so because I subscribe to the old rule of if you are taking the time and coin to do one, you may as well do all of them, instead of having to go back and do it again later anyway, and after researching options and bang for buck etc, the Audi coil conversion was the middle ground costwise with the best plug-and-play setup coming in at a total of $710 delivered for all the bits, including 6x bosch coilpacks, mounting plate, brackets and wiring harness. while I am at it I'll do a plug heat range change and re-gap to suit. be interested if anyone else on here has done this conversion and the results, ease of changeover etc?
  15. oxford1327

    Cheers for that, my local parts stores are populated by deadshits that aren't willing to attempt to cross reference anything for you, they see it as our job to do that, and they just blindly order it