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  1. vic 

    Deposit has cleared, so mat is sold
  2. vic 

    sold pending deposit
  3. Okey dokey, if I don't answer straight away it's cos I'm on nightshifts this week, so as soon as I wake up (usually around 4pm) I'll give you a holler,and can sort out time etc from there.
  4. If possible, I'd like to come and measure up whether these will fit my rims either Saturday or Sunday, if that suits you? And if they will I can leave a cash deposit on the day to secure them. Shoot me a text at 0417151262 if you don't want to discuss on here, I've had similar experience with scamming dirt bags while trying to sell my race bike in last few weeks.
  5. up for sale, Unmolested Stagea Boot Mat, it has not been cut out around the tie down lugs and is very good condition. Has got 2 very small pinholes where previous owner says he dropped sub-box or something on it, they are sort-of shown in the second pic. Asking $250 posted anywhere in OZ, or can negotiate for pick up in Ballarat, Vic area
  6. i have a full set of locks and an ignition barrel with keys if want to purchase? key is a bit worn on the blade and the buttons were fried when i bought the car, but if take it to a proper locksmith they can cut a key from the vin for about $50, and can buy a blank with the electronics etc from ebay that comes with the programming instructions.
  7. Would love to but it's going to depend on how much it costs to get car repaired now as got hit and run by a turd on the freeway Friday, lucky I have a dash cam do hoping police will be able to chase them down. 😫. I'll be in touch when I can afford them, but if they are gone in the meantime so be it....
  8. ok that's fair enough, if sale falls through i would definitely like to come and look at them, and have a measure etc to see if they'd fit
  9. location? within how much distance from Ballarat , victoria please?
  10. very interested , would need to see if they fit stagea series 2
  11. I know it's an old post but are these still available?
  12. yep and at this point i have tried all of those combinations and to no avail....so the latest iteration is going to be the 355mm fronts and 330mm rears from a 370z with the Akebono calipers, and the only way to get those to fit still will be with a 15mm thick bolt on spacer on the fronts (rears clear no problem), with its own secondary stud set, at least that way they will become a semi-integral part of the axle and allow me to get the wheels fitted until i can source a compatible caliper and rotor combo that wont require the use of spacers and give me the desired offset etc.
  13. Interested to suit S2 stagea neo engine
  14. I've no doubt about being able to get other wheels to fit, however I am a stubborn and angry old man that is currently having a toddler tanty ... And I don't wanna get other wheels I want those ones!. 😥 😏 as nobody else does wheels in that colour and style that I've seen before, so I want to get them to work, and as stated I am indignantly stubborn to the core so if need be I will over time and trial find a combination that works,but I would obviously prefer not to....
  15. I've tried to search Google and am not finding many answers, I also trawled through over 70 pages of tangents and unrelated conversations that vaguely resembles a discussion on braking applications and parts required etc on here and still learned 5/8ths of bugger all regarding the actual difference in the overall width of different calipers that are available, and also which model vehicles are directly compatible with the a series 2 stagea, all I can surmise is that anything GTR will be a close match other than bolt diameter, so short of purchasing every type of brake setup available for a trial and error based approach it's proven to be a frustrating exercise to find a caliper that'll work with the wheel that I have